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Zoma Mattress Bed

Zoma Mattress Review

The Zoma mattress is one of the best mattresses we have tested when it comes to comfort and support, try it for yourself! Our current coupon code you can use SLEEPZOO for $100 off the Zoma Mattress.


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The Zoma Queen mattress is the mid-range sized mattress of the Zoma brand that measures at 60 by 80 inches. What makes this mattress great is that it is adaptable for all types of bed setups such as platform beds, adjustable beds as well as the exclusive Zoma Foundation which provides both strong and comfortable support. 

Furthermore, the Zoma mattress comes with enhancements that the average mattress does not have such as three specially made and designed layers inside the Zoma mattress that each play a key role in accommodating comfortable sleep.

Even the Zoma mattress cover is specially made in order to be breathable so it can maintain a cozy temperature that does not disturb your sleeping experience as well as allowing moisture to escape so mold does not start to develop inside the mattress thus increase the overall product life of the mattress which comes with a 10-year warranty from the Zoma company.

In this article, we are going to be providing you with a comprehensive review of this premium mattress and giving you more detailed information about the key selling points of this product. 



  • This Zoma mattress is great for all of the different types of sleepers out there including the back, side and stomach sleepers making it perfect for couples as well as individuals that enjoy sleeping in a non-conventional position.
  • Suitable for customers that are less than 2 meters in height, it can also be used by people who are 2 meters in height but it will not be as comfortable.
  • The Zoma mattress is made from high-quality materials that mean that the mattress will last for much longer than the lower-priced mattresses and that you will also sleep much better.
  • Provides great value for money, for under $1000 customers are able to buy a great mattress that will allow them to rest properly every night and one that will last at least 10 years according to the manufacturing which is not a lot of money when you think about the amount of time you are going to be using it. 
  • It comes with a 10-year lifetime warranty that will have you covered if the mattress comes damaged or with any defects that cause it to not work properly which in both situations will make you qualify for a replacement of the product. 



  • If you are over 2 meters or 203 centimeters to be exact then the Zoma Queen mattress will be too small for you and you will need to upgrade to the King, California King and Split King sizes. 
  • Additionally, this mattress is not great for people who are heavy as there are no coils in this mattress so if you are a person of size you will end up sinking into the mattress which will mean that you will not be able to sleep comfortably. 
  • Cheaper alternative products available on the market, not everyone will be able to afford or be willing to spend so much money to buy a mattress.
  • The Zoma Queen mattress is quite heavy so once it has expanded full of air it will be hard for one person to flip it over or carry it to another room which means that some customers may need to spend more money in the long run for extra assistance whenever needed. 
  • Not a great option for shoppers who are looking for a very firm or soft mattress as the Zoma mattresses are in the middle of firm and soft so individuals that are used to sleeping on a very firm or soft mattress will not be able to 


Zoma Queen Mattress Review


The Zoma Queen mattress is a zoned or otherwise known as a layered mattress which means that it is made up of different layers that each has a purpose which is then held together by the mattress cover.

The mattress cover itself is created to be a neutral dark grey which means that it can be pretty much in any house design and even if the mattress happens to become dirty or stained it will not show as prominently. 

In terms of price, the Zoma Queen mattress is great value for money considering that it is classed as a premium luxury mattress and it costs less than $1000 as of writing this article. Additionally, shipping for this product is free,

The mattress arrives deflated in a box and all customers have to do is take it out of the box and leave it for a few hours to automatically fill up with air with no need to set anything up or put anything together.

This bed mattress is also marketed towards individuals that live an active and athletic lifestyle so athletes may be a fan 🙂

This queen mattress from Zoma is also great for couples as it is designed to offer motion isolation, meaning that if you are in bed with someone else and they move you will not feel the mattress moving as much which will again allow you to have much better sleep.


Zoma Mattress Prices & Models Comparison Table


Mattress Name




38×74 inches


Twin XL

38×80 inches



54×75 inches



60×80 inches



76×80 inches


California King

72×84 inches


Split King

38×80 inches


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What Is the Zoma Queen Mattress Made From?


The Zoma Queen mattress is made from three different layers that we are going to discuss in further detail in this section of the article.

Zoma Mattress Layers

The very top layer of this mattress is called ‘Triangluex’ due to the triangle indentations that are there to provide extra comfort and malleability, this layer is made from memory foam.

Below that, you have the ‘Reactiv’ layer which is made from polyfoam and is a responsive layer that is there to allow you to change sleeping positions much more easily and comfortably as well as limiting motion transfer which happens when you are sleeping on the same mattress with someone else and can cause you unneeded discomfort and also potentially wake you up.

The bottom layer which makes up 75% of the entire mattress is called ‘Support+’ and it is made up of a high-density polyfoam, this layer is there to act as the support for the rest of the mattress while the other two top layers allow the mattress to adapt to your sleeping position and body shape.

This mattress is created to be sturdy and firm enough to provide a solid base. 


Zoma Queen Mattress 90-Night Free Trial


Moreover, the Zoma Queen mattress like all mattresses from the Zoma range comes with a 90-night free trial allowing you to buy and test this mattress for nearly 3 months where during this period you can use the mattress without any limitations to see if it is any better than your previous mattress and whether this is the right mattress for your sleeping position, body size, and other personal preferences.

If you happen to not like the mattress you are able to request a free of charge return and a refund from the Zoma company as long as this application is made during the 90-night free trial period.

This is great as it gives new customers of Zoma mattresses a peace of mind as they can try out the product with the ability to get a refund if it does not meet their expectations, this is also coupled with the 10-year warranty that the Zoma Queen mattress comes with. 


Zoma Queen Mattress Coupon Codes & Discounts


Additionally, Zoma frequently issues coupon codes and special discount events that allow customers to save hundreds of dollars when they take advantage.

The Zoma coupon codes can be found on most of the big coupon seeking websites, you can also make sure that you are always updated on any new coupon and discounts by subscribing to the mailing list on the Zoma website.

By doing so you will receive weekly emails from the Zoma company that will update you on discount opportunities as well on any new products and services that are being released by the mattress company. 

Our current coupon code you can use SLEEPZOO for $100 off the Zoma Mattress.

It is also important to note that right now at the official Zoma website there are no discounts available for customers that purchase multiple Zoma mattresses.

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What Kind of Bed Frame Is Recommended for a Zoma Mattress?


Zoma mattresses can be used with platform bed frames as well as adaptable bed frames, additionally, customers have the option of using the Zoma foundation which is specially made for Zoma mattresses however it is sold separately to the Zoma mattresses.

The only requirement is that the bed frame that you use is the right size for your Zoma mattress. 


Is There a Maximum Weight for Users of the Zoma Mattress?


There is no maximum weight for users of the Zoma Queen mattress instead the specification of the product states that it can only effectively handle 400lbs of weight per side and a total weight of 800lbs for the whole mattress.

This, however, will not affect the overwhelming majority of individuals and therefore it is suitable for pretty much for all users. 


How Thick Is the Zoma Queen Mattress?


The Zoma Queen mattress is 11 inches in width, which makes it averagely sized in terms of width allowing it to properly fit in all standard bed frames regardless of whether they are from the Zoma company., 


How Long Does the Shipping Take for the Zoma Queen Mattress?


If you live in the United States, shipping will generally take between 3 and 5 days depending on where you live in the country.

However, if you live outside of the United States it is recommended that you get in contact with the customer support team at Zoma and request an estimate for the shipping time. 


Is Order Tracking Available When Ordering Products From the Official Zoma Website?


Yes, order tracking is available when you buy products from the official Zoma website, in order to access it all you have to do is log into the account that you created when making your order and there you will be able to find the tracking information for your order. 

Zoma bed



To conclude, the Zoma Queen mattress is a luxury mattress that is large enough and strong enough to handle individuals and couples of all body shapes and the majority of sizes.

It is a lot more expensive than the average mattress however it comes with a lot more features that make it that much more comfortable to sleep on which is perfect if you are an individual that may live an active life, work a manual job or have some kind of injury or condition where you require an extra comfortable surface to sleep on so you can properly relax and recover for the day ahead. 

After our thorough testing we would rate this as a top class mattress and any body that uses it should result in a great nights sleep do to all it’s features.

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