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While online and mail order startups like Casper and Leesa have been getting all the recent attention for their innovative business models and shipping methods, some of the established names in home goods retail are hot on their tails with their own new mattress products. And why not? Sure, ordering from a small start-up is neat and all, but established mattress and home good brands have the powers of name recognition and widespread market reach behind them. Like other big names in home goods retail, home furnishings giant Williams-Sonoma has announced they will be jumping into the quickly-crowding sleep products market with a new series of sleep products called “Robin.”

Laura Alber, Williams-Sonoma president and CEO Laura Alber says the company is “excited to educate and inspire customers with Robin’s assortment of thoughtfully designed products and customizable features that deliver a differentiated and purposeful wellness experience.” The flagship of the Robin line of products is a new Williams-Sonoma mattress with interchangeable toppers designed to help sleepers regulate their body temperatures while they snooze. Each of the toppers is manufactured from a different material designed to wick away moisture and allow varying levels of air to permeate and cool sleepers’ bodies. The mattresses feature 10” of memory foam, 8.5” of pocket springs, and 3” of “cooling memory foam gel” for nighttime comfort.

Robin mattresses come with a bedside sleep monitor which Williams-Sonoma claims “accurately tracks and analyzes your sleep, provides personalized sleep improvement advice, and recommends validated sleep improvement solutions.” Of course, being 2017 and all, Robin mattresses also include a companion mobile app for users to stare at while they’re wondering why they still can’t sleep on their new designed mattress (hint: it’s because of their phones). The full set of Robin products including mattress, toppers, and monitor starts at around $900 for queen size.

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