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The notion of getting a mattress shipped straight to your door in a box about the size of a mini fridge seems to be a pretty popular one with consumers, so purchasing a “mattress in a box” seems to be all the rage these days with sleep shoppers. New brands like Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Leesa have recently popped up with new products, and now another one is joining the fray: Wayfair.

The Boston based online retailer announced last week that they were launching a product called “Nora,” their version of the super popular bed in a box.

A queen size Nora mattress will have a price of $599, which actually comes in lower than similar rolled foam mattresses from other companies. For comparison, Casper’s queen mattress comes in just under $1,000 at $950, and their immediate rival Leesa has a queen mattress with a base price of $840. So if Wayfair’s quality does indeed compare to their rivals, it looks like this new entrant to the market is certainly going to be making waves.

Like most all bed in a box companies, Wayfair offers customers the chance to try their mattress for 100 days and then just return it for a full refund if they don’t like it. Given that buying a mattress without even testing it out can be a risky proposition, this has become an industry standard. A 10 year warranty is included with every Wayfair Nora mattress purchase.

When these new mattress companies first began, their total share of the market was so small, traditional mattress makers really didn’t care. But now, they’re starting to warrant some attention.

Numerous mattress startups have come on the scene in recent years, several of them raising eye popping numbers in venture funding. Casper recently raised nearly $170,000,000 with Target’s help, along with celebrity endorsements from 50 Cent, Kevin Spacey, Kyrie Irving, and Carlemo Anthony.

Artie Beaty

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