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While most of the online bed-in-a-box mattress market is about lowering prices and offering high-quality bedding at affordable prices, some mattress makers are going in the opposite direction by offering higher end products through their online retailers. Just this week, online mattress retailer Tuft & Needle has introduced a new line of mattresses called “Mint” intended to compete with some of the higher price point mattresses offered by companies like Casper or Leesa.

The new Mint mattresses feature the latest in open-cell foam, a porous foam material which allows air to freely flow throughout the mattress and create a highly breathable bed. Tuft & Needle’s new mattresses are also constructed of what they call “Ceramic Gel,” a material reported to absorb up to five times more heat than traditional mattress materials, leading to a cooler sleep experience. The mattress is wrapped in a slate gray quilted cover which can be removed and washed, and newer models have increased edge support to help the mattresses hold their shape over time.

Tuft & Needle says the mattress can provide “the ultimate sleep experience” alongside the company’s bed frames or pillows constructed from the same adaptive foam as their mattresses. T&N also sells sheets and other sleep products designed for use with Mint mattresses. Tuft & Needle co-founder J.T. Marino says the new Mint mattresses are the culmination of several years of responding to customer feedback and refining their sleep products to meet the changing demands of consumers:

One of the cornerstones of Tuft & Needle has always been listening to our customers. This exciting new mattress model reflects hundreds of thousands of feedback touchpoints that we have collected over our five years in business, and takes amazing sleep to the next level.

The new Tuft & Needle Mint mattresses start at $650 for a 12-inch twin, and go up to $1050 for a California king. All Tuft & Needle mattresses come with a 100-day free trial and money back guarantee. What are you waiting for?

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