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It might be hard to imagine, but if you’re like most people you’re going to spend a whopping one third of your life asleep. With that in mind, it’s worth it to find the best bed around. With that bed, you should also invest in a good pillow. A pillow can solve a lot of problems where sleep is concerned. Pillows can help to align your neck and back, which will relieve pain that you may have experienced. Sometimes the best pillow for back pain is one that keeps your spine aligned and other times it depends on the fill or the material that the pillow is made of. Before you go out pillow shopping, you should consider your sleep style. If you’re a back sleeper you’re in the right place as we’re about to discuss the best pillow for back sleepers!

What is the best pillow for back sleepers? For starters, you’ll need something on the firmer end that offers a higher loft. Your pillow gets closer to being the best pillow for back sleepers if it has divots where your head and neck should rest, keeping you aligned. This type of pillow also ends up being the best pillow for back pain because proper alignment will help to reduce pain.

There are hundreds of back sleeper pillows. Most are just marketed as pillows, but once you know what you’re looking for, finding the best pillow for back sleepers will be easy! Just remember that something medium firm to firm will stop your head from dipping too far back and will allow for a more comfortable sleep. You want a pillow that can offer the proper contour, which is essential in back sleeper pillows to make sure you’re comfortable while your neck is supported well.


What is the Best Pillow for Back Sleepers? Here are 3 Picks


You may find that one of these pillows is the best pillow for back sleepers. On the other hand, these pillows may not appeal to you and you might want to continue seeking out reviews and articles that offer more pillow options. This list is by no means exhaustive. It is here to help you uncover some of the options that are available where the best pillow for back sleepers is concerned!


My Pillow

MyPillow review

MyPillow is known for being a good pillow for many sleeping positions. The reason for this is that when you buy MyPillow they come in a variety of firmness options. This makes them one option for the best pillow for back sleepers. Another plus is that MyPillow adjusts throughout the night with your own adjustments. This keeps your body aligned and leads to a better sleep so you feel a more rested wake up.

All MyPillows are made in the USA. The website offers two pillows for the price of one. This is nice because you can get them in various firmness levels, allowing you to share the free pillow with someone else. Shipping is fast, too! If you determine you don’t like the MyPillow for any reason you have a 60-day window to return it risk free. Our MyPillow review has more details.




Once upon a time the idea of a memory foam pillow conjured the image of sweaty cheeks and uncomfortable sleeping. These days, Coop is changing the game. They use gel-infused memory foam. This makes the pillow cooler overall. They also use shredded memory foam, which means that your fill can be as thick or thin as you need it to be. This makes it a great back sleeper pillow. Of course, as it’s adjustable it will work for most other sleep positions, too.

Coop comes in three sizes, which are pretty standard for most pillow makers. There’s no need to worry about shipping costs, because Coop ships free. Additionally, you should receive your new pillow shortly after your purchase. If you’re nervous about trying Coop, keep in mind that your pillow comes with a 100-night trial so you’ve got nothing to lose!




Another great option where back sleeper pillows is concerned is Snuz. You have to have a little faith in a pillow with a name that sounds like snooze. The first thing you’ll notice about Snuz is the shape. It has the all-important divot, which is there to cradle your neck. Unlike many pillows, the divot separates the chambers, as Snuz is a dual chamber pillow. Each pillow has a microfiber fill and a mesh cover. This provides a cool, breathable sleep surface.

Like with the other pillows mentioned here, if you want to try Snuz you have nothing to lose. A 60-day trial is offered with every purchase!

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