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Not every pillow is right for every sleeper. There is actually some science behind choosing the right type of pillow for you. You need to consider your sleeping position and style, your weight, and even factors like whether you want a soft or firm pillow. Position has a lot to do with choosing the best pillow. For example, the best pillow for side sleepers is going to be fuller than something necessary for stomach sleepers.

In fact, in many cases, the best pillows for side sleepers are going to be adjustable. Pillows, like the ones discussed below allow you to add and remove fill until the pillow is at a comfortable level for you. The best pillow for side sleepers are often at a medium loft. This makes them a little on the higher end. This means the pillow should cradle your neck and keep your spine aligned.

What is the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers? Here are some options!



MyPillow review

MyPillow is a great option if you’re looking for side sleeper pillows! One thing that makes MyPillow one of the best pillows for side sleepers is that it adjusts to your movements throughout the night. Additionally, MyPillow comes in various firmness levels so you can opt for the one that works best for you, as a side sleeper. All MyPillows are made right here, in the USA. While they can be bought in a variety of stores, if you buy through MyPillow you can get two pillows for one price!

You can learn more about MyPillow in our MyPillow review. One of the best ways to determine if this is one of the side sleeper pillows you’ve been looking for is to try it. If you find you don’t like it, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund!




Finding the top-rated pillow for side sleepers might seem difficult, but Coop is here to make your sleep a little easier. Ensuring that your neck and spine are properly aligned goes a long way to making sure you have a good night’s rest. Each Coop pillow is made of gel-infused, shredded memory foam. You should find these pillows to be cool and comfortable. If you find the pillow isn’t full enough or is too full, you can add or remove fill as needed. This also allows you to properly mold your pillow to suit your position.

All Coop pillows are the same, other than the size options of Standard, King, and Queen. Otherwise, the customizations come in by how much fill you add or remove from the pillow. Shipping is relatively quick and every pillow ships free. A 100-night trial comes with every pillow.




What is the best pillow for side sleepers? Some might say that Snuz pillows are one of the best! People often notice the different look to Snuz pillows. The strange shape is due to a dual chamber design and an hourglass shape. This is done so that your neck is cradled properly and is better able to remain aligned with your spine, as it should be. This is not only good for side sleepers, it cuts back on things like neck pain.

Snuz offers a filling of microfiber and a breathable mesh cover. This means you’ll sleep cooler where your pillow is concerned. Each pillow includes a 60-day trial, so if you’re unsatisfied you have a way to get your money back.

These are just a few of the top-rated pillows for side sleepers, and when combined with a nice soft mattress, you’ll be all set for a great night of sleep. All of these pillows offer some sort of money back guarantee, which means you can try them with the freedom that comes with not having anything to lose. Of course, there are other great pillows out there, so if these don’t work be sure to keep looking.

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