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After some time of shopping, you’ve finally found your perfect memory foam mattress. But your shopping for a good night’s sleep isn’t over yet. A good foam mattress will work best if paired with a good foundation. We’ve seen many people complain that the mattress wasn’t what they hoped for only to discover that the foundation they had wasn’t a great match for their new mattress.

There are many people who practice putting their foam mattresses on the floor. We don’t recommend this because it might result in your mattress getting dirty faster and more wear and tear since it will move around the floor.


Quick Picks for The Best Foundation for Memory Foam Mattress


Our Research

Editor’s Choice: LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation


Key Features: Easy set up without tools; foldable for storage and transport; lots of under-bed storage space 

Price Range: $

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This metal platform from Lucid made our list of the best foundations for memory foam mattresses for many reasons. It comes neatly packed in a box. Assembling a bed frame has never been so easy. You just unpack it, unfold it, lock in the joints, and clip the two pieces together. And now you have your bed frame ready.

This metal bed frame is very light and people who move often will love it. But don’t let its lightweight misguide you. It’s very stable and sturdy so it can hold up to 1,200 pounds and it comes with a 5-year warranty. The latticework makes it the perfect foundation for memory foam mattresses promoting airflow and it’s a great alternative for a spring box (since foam mattresses aren’t compatible with traditional box spring bed). The Lucid foldable metal platform has so many great reviews, but so many of them report that it doesn’t squeak or make any other noises making it great for children’s beds. With a height of 13 inches, it makes an under-bed storage space of 22 cubic feet.

However, there are some reports that some parts of the bed dent over time. So this is probably not a bed frame for larger people. So if you are in this group, we have more bed frames on our list.

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Key Features: Replaces bed frame and box spring; best fit for average weight people; no-tool set up

Price Range: $

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The Shawn SmartBase 14 inch by Zinus is another metal platform bed frame on our list. It made our list as one of the most reviewed ones with a 4.5-star rated. Assembling the bed frame takes only 5 minutes and it’s foldable so you can store it or move it with ease. The latticework of the foundation makes it perfect for placing your memory foam mattress on top allowing airflow for better cooling and it gives great support for any foam mattress needs. It’s also a great alternative for a box spring and it has a 5-year warranty.

Many users love it because it doesn’t squeak or make any other noise when you move on it. And it’s also solid enough so it won’t move around the floor. No matter which size you opt for, the height of the frame is 14 inches giving you unbelievable under-bed storage space. If you are someone who likes a more full appearance you can attach a headboard to it by ordering attachment clips from ZInus. We found reviews from people with back and neck issues and they claim that this mattress foundation is so supportive that they wake up with no pain. Truth be told, if you like sleeping on box spring foundations but just bought an all-foam mattress, we’d recommend this one as the best foundation for a memory foam mattress. 

The downside with metal foundations is that they do give some noise. Many users have solved it by shaking whether any of the legs sits properly on the floor and if not they added no-slip stickers on them. Another issue some users complained about was that their mattress was slipping off the foundation.

Mellow Naturalista Classic Wooden Slats Platform Bed Frame

Key Features: 1,500 lbs support; quick and easy assembly; rustic charm

Price Range: $$

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The Naturalista Classic bed frame by Mellow has a rustic look. It’s entirely made of great quality wood and will make your bedroom look reacher and luxurious. It’s durable and stable with 9 legs of which 3 are in the middle for better support. The foundation is made of 3.5-inch wooden slats making it perfect for placing your new memory foam mattress on top. All sizes are 12 inches tall so wouldn’t even think about box spring which is bad for your new all-foam mattress. It has a good under-bed storage space of 8 inches. In the package box, you’ll also find no-slip tapes which we found very thoughtful.

The Mellow foundation for memory foam mattresses is highly praised by users for its lavish and natural look making the bedroom warm and cozy. Many users said that they were above average in weight and it gave them great support. The wooden slats promote airflow, so if you are a hot sleeper, this product is for you. Even though the package includes no-slip tapes, you’ll probably need it since the frame will hold your mattress in place. Attaching a headboard will make the whole bed look reacher, just be aware to choose the right color.

The downsides are that some of the users complained that it started squeaking after some time. Others complained that some of the legs broke after months of using it. It does come with a 5-year warranty so it’ll be easy getting new ones from the manufacturer.

Zinus Marcia Metal and Wood Platform Bed


Key Features: Comes with headboard and footboard; slick minimalistic look; generous under-bed storage space

Price Range: $$$

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The Marcia platform bed by Zinus has a steel-framed headboard and footboard design with wood accents. The foundation is made of strong reliable wood slat giving great support for your memory foam mattress. It has an elegant minimalistic look and it will transform your bedroom to be “Instagram worthy”. It comes neatly packed in a box, but it will be slightly heavy so a helping hand would be great. The 7 legs will give the right sturdiness we all look in a bed frame and the touchpoint between the metal frame and the wooden slats are foam-padded to avoid any squickiness and noise making. Although there are headboard and footboard to keep the mattress in place, you’ll also get a no-slip tape in the package. There is also the 12-inch clearance for generous under-bed storage. The Marcia platform bed is quite sturdy due to its metal and wood construction making it supportive for even heavyweight people.

Many users found it easy to assemble even though it has more pieces to put together. Despite its look, it is very sturdy and it gives the right support for all-foam mattresses. The under-bed storage is amazing so get ready to clear lots of space in your closet. The modern look will freshen up your bedroom and it will work with any color scheme.

Some of the reviews said the bed was creaking but you should probably make sure you’ve tightened everything up. This is still a mattress foundation you’ve assembled yourself. There are also complaints that the middle legs broke, but Zinus gives a 5-year warranty so replacing them is easy.



The Importance of Right Foundations

Choosing the right foundation is a way of taking care of your memory foam mattress. We mentioned that using a foundation will prevent wear and tear on your mattress from moving around the floor. Add to it prevention from getting dirty and dusty, and it will keep your foam mattress away from pests and mold. All of this will prolong your mattress’s life.

We’ve also run into some user’s review about some memory foam mattresses saying that the mattress wasn’t what they signed up for only to turn out they were using the wrong or low-quality foundation. The truth is if you invest in a good bed foundation you’ll get the right feel of the mattress and the proper support for it. You’ll also avoid sagging which doesn’t only make sleeping on it uncomfortable, but also affects the alignment of your spine. You’ll wake up with pain in your back and feeling terrible. Even the most high-quality expensive foam mattresses may give in due to a bad foundation.

Many mattress brands state that if you don’t use a foundation it will void the warranty. Be mindful to read the warranty because some brands even specify the type of foundation you should use.



Types of Different Foundations

A Slat Foundation

There are a number of foundations using slats. Wooden slats are rigid and sturdy providing central support but still having the right amount of flexibility to avoid sagging or amplify the firmness. You can often order the slats separately and arrange them yourself.

Box Spring

A box spring is a traditional mattress foundation. It’s actually a wooden frame with a steel coil layer wrapped in fabric. It usually supports an innerspring mattress. There is a variation for thicker mattresses known as low profile foundation.

Steel Grid Platform Foundations

Steel platform foundations are made from a foldable metal base. They look like a taller platform base with a rectangular grid. This foundation allows more space for storage under the bed. It’s very popular since it can collapse so you can store them away although they are pretty heavy.

Platform Bed

A platform bed is in fact a wooden rectangular frame with a wooden flat base and detachable legs. They usually don’t come with headboard and footboard, but it depends on the manufacturer. There are some platform foundations with flat sides for built-in drawers for storage under the bed.

Adjustable Bed Bases

Many people will associate these foundations with hospitals. But there are also a number of people who found relief sleeping on them. If you suffer from acid reflux, poor circulation, sleep apnea, or arthritis you’ll know that adjusting the bed in a specific position improves your health a time fold. Some of them have extra features like massagers or under-bed lighting.



How to Choose the Best Foundation for Memory Foam Mattress

The first step we recommend you take is to check the warranty of your new foam mattress. Many manufacturers have already specified it there. But if the warranty only states that you are obligated to place the mattress on a foundation before using it, we recommend choosing between a slatted foundation, steel grid platform, or an adjustable base.

The first choice is a slatted base but bears in mind that the spats should be places less than 8 inches apart. This will help with the airflow and keep your memory foam mattress cool.

A metal grid platform base is also a great choice for an all-foam mattress. It will give the mattress the proper support and flexibility it needs. As a bonus, it can collapse for easier storage.

The adjustable base is a slightly more expensive option. It’s usually a go-to foundation for people with a medical condition. It works with only foam mattresses because of their ability to follow the foundation curve adjustments.

We strongly advise against using box spring and platform beds in combination with memory foam mattresses. Not only that they will often void your warranty but they will notably shorten the lifespan of the mattress because they don’t have the proper support an all-foam mattress needs.



Typical Mattress Sizes

When buying a foundation, you’ll want it to properly fit your mattress. An unfit foundation can not only damage your mattress but also alter its firmness.

A twin size mattress is 38 by 75 inches. A twin XL size mattress is 38 by 80 inches. A full-size mattress is 54 by 80 inches. A full XL size mattress is 54 by 80 inches. A queen size mattress is 60 by 80 inches. A king size mattress is 76 by 80 inches. And the California king size mattress is 72 by 84 inches.

These are the standard sizes, the height of a mattress can vary depending on its construction and firmness level. So does its weight. But still, be mindful to read the mattress specification form the manufacturer to be on the safe side.



What Is A Good Budget To Plan

The foundation price is mainly dictated by the materials it’s made of. Typically, a metal one would be cheaper than a wooden one. 

However, you’ll still be able to find a great foundation for your memory foam mattress for under $500. The steel grid foundations vary from $100 to $300 and the wooden slat foundations go from $150 to $500, all depending on the size. The exception is the adjustable bed bases. Their prices go in thousands.

If you are looking to purchase a metal spring foundation we recommend a budget between $150 and $200. For a wooden slat foundation, a budget between $200 and $500 will get you a great quality foundation for your memory foam mattress. If you are a person with a medical condition and an adjustable bed base is more than welcomed, or simply like the advantages of it, we recommend a budget between $1,000 and $2,000 for a basic model. The ones with added features will cost you around $3,000.




What Is A Mattress foundation?

A mattress foundation is a bed base with a frame that provides support for the mattress. The frame can be made of mostly wood, but it can also be made of metal. The foundation can be composed of weather springs, metal rods, or wooden slats. The foundations are placed on top of the bed frame which in a complete bed set women with a headboard and footboard too.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need a Foundation?

As a matter of fact, they do. Ther require a sturdy foundation mostly composed of metal rods or wooden slats with less than 8 inches apart. This construction helps with airflow and helps the mattress sleep cool during the night. Very often not having a foundation for your foam mattress may void the warranty, so be careful.

How to Build a Memory Foam Mattress Foundation?

If you are someone who is skilled and has a workshop in their garage you can absolutely build the mattress foundation yourself. The easiest way to do so is to use pallets. They are made entirely out of wood and they are already slatted. You can order them online or get them at the pallet recycler. Also, you can ask at your neighboring small business since they usually just toss them away after they receive their stock. Very often they’ll give them free or some small compensation. 

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need a Box Spring?

Using a spring box is not recommendable for memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses need steady support, so placing it on spring may damage its form and structure. The spring box will work great with innerspring or hybrid mattresses, but not with all-foam mattresses. 

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