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Latex mattresses are becoming more popular as new mattress brands hit the market. Of course, as anything becomes popular you will find people discussing any negatives. Latex bed complaints, on the whole are fairly low. It’s also worth pointing out that, as with anything, some of these issues come down to personal preference. Not all latex mattresses are made the same and not all latex mattress complaints are valid for all people.

With the number of latex mattresses on the market there aren’t many big latex mattress problems to discuss. Most people find that the positives far outweigh any latex mattress complaints that you’ll find. Still, there are some latex beds complaints out there, so let’s look at the most common of them.

Just remember, there are different types of latex and not all beds are made with the same kind. With that said, not all latex mattress problems are universal. As any bed owner can tell you, not all latex bed complaints are valid for every latex mattress.

 1 – Latex Mattresses Cost too Much!


It’s true, latex mattresses do generally cost more than other types of mattresses. However, in terms of latex bed complaints, it’s not really a fair one. While latex beds will cost more, they also tend to outlast other types of mattresses. With that in mind, if you consider the cost over the length of time you’ve owned the mattress you’ll find that it’s not as expensive as it initially seems.


2 – Latex Beds are Way too Firm!

While it is true that many latex mattresses are firm, you can find softer mattresses made of latex, as well. If this latex bed complaint is one you’ve dealt with, it’s likely that your particular bed was on the firmer side. There are other beds out there in a varying degree of firmness. Make sure to investigate the firmness of a mattress using reviews and the mattress website before purchasing!


3 – The Smell is Terrible

mattress smell

On many latex mattresses, there is a chemical smell that you may notice. How noticeable the smell is, will depend on the mattress. Some mattresses will smell initially, but the smell will fade. Many latex mattresses can be aired out and after a day you don’t have that smell. That said, all mattresses have a scent that is derived from the materials that it was made from. Some mattresses will smell better than others. This isn’t a reflection on latex beds as a whole, but rather certain specific beds.


4 – Latex Mattresses are Heavy

As far as latex bed complaints, this one is pretty valid. Latex mattresses are dense and that denseness can create a fairly heavy mattress. In the majority of Latex mattresses, you’ll definitely want more than one person moving them. That said, on the positive side, the fact that latex mattresses are heavy also means they are incredibly durable.


5 – There’s too much Bounce in a Latex Mattress

Again, this is less of a standard latex bed complaint and more of a personal preference issue. The bounce of a latex mattress will vary greatly depending on the mattress you’ve chosen. For example, all-natural mattresses made purely of latex will be much bouncier than mattresses made of a combination of foams. That said, most latex mattresses will offer a slight bounce, but nothing that’s too outrageous. If you don’t want anything overly bouncy, testing the mattress out should give you a quick and easy answer to whether that mattress is for you or not.

These are some of the most common latex bed complaints. Whether or not they will affect you will come down to your specific preferences and what you’re looking for in a bed. While every mattress will have a downside or two, latex generally offers a durable, long-lasting product that is worth the consideration when you’re looking for a new mattress.

Ashtyn Evans

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