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Purple mattresses have been gaining popularity on the direct-to-consumer mattress market lately due to their revolutionary design which the company claims leads to the “World’s First No Pressure™ Mattress” (and yes, they’re actually purple). Purple mattresses have been reviewed highly for comfort and the cool night’s sleep their foam/polymer hybrid construction provide. Now, the company has launched a new line of high-end mattresses through their online retailer that could challenge some of the biggest names in the mail-order mattress market.

There are three different mattresses in the new Purple line, distinguished mainly by the thicknesses of their patented “Hyper-Elastic Polymer®” layer. This layer is a specially formulated material which the company claims provides unrivaled pressure points relief, spinal support, and temperature-neutral sleep. The new mattresses come with three different thicknesses of the material:

  • Purple2, with 2” and prices ranging from $1,299 for a single to $1,899 for a king;
  • Purple3, with 3”and prices ranging from $1,899 for a single to $2,499 for a king;
  • and Purple4 with (you guessed it) 4” of the material and prices ranging from $2,499 for a single to $3,099 for a king.

The Utah-based company has been refining their mattress design for over twenty years, picking up hundreds of patents along the way. Purple CEO (no, he’s not actually purple) Sam Bernards says the mattresses are at a perfect intersection of price and technology:

Our focus is always on providing the most comfortable and supportive products on the market, with the highest quality and most accessible prices. This new line of mattresses features the most advanced comfort science available, with several different options to ensure everyone can find a mattress perfect for them.

All Purple mattresses come with a money-back 100-day free trial. If you suffer from sore pressure points while you sleep or a bad back, what do you have to lose?

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