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A new year’s resolution of “sleep more” may sound like a lazy person’s dream, but it could actually be the most important change you can make. While most people make some kind of new year’s resolution (an estimated 88%), the vast majority of people aren’t considering sleep among their most important lifestyle changes.

A recent study from the Better Sleep Council found that only 27% of Americans who made resolutions counted “more/better sleep” among them. A little ironic in that better sleep can actually help you accomplish most other resolutions.

Whether it’s losing weight, getting exercise, eating better, or even stopping drinking, better sleep can help with nearly any goal you have, experts say. “It seems so simple,” says Lissa Coffey, a spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council, “but getting adequate rest can positively impact every other part of your life. When you’re well rested, it’s easier to choose healthier foods and to feel energized to exercise.”

It appears some people may be on top of this knowledge though, as people who did say they wanted to improve their sleep also had other health related goals. Almost 70% of people who wanted better sleep also want to exercise more while 68% wanted to stay health and fit.

People who do want to improve their sleep seem to have a starting point in mind, as 65% of survey respondents said they plan to get to be earlier and maintain a consistent bedtime. Just under half of people surveyed said they plan to upgrade their sleep with a new mattress (read our reviews of some of this year’s best here) or other sleep related accessories like tracking devices.

Since it’s clear that better sleep is so crucially important to many aspects of health, maybe it won’t be too long before “sleep more” tops most people’s resolution list.


Artie Beaty

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