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While supplements were once the hottest items on the sleep products market, hi-tech sleep monitoring systems have become all the rage lately. And why not? We’re turning over control of nearly every other facet of our daily lives to our machines. From cuddly, snoring robots to smart jewelry which monitors your vital signs, there is now a wide range of digital products on the market designed to help you get a better night’s sleep. Not to be outdone by the cuddlebot, Finnish electronics giant Nokia has unveiled a new integrated sleep monitor called Nokia Sleep designed to make your whole home respond to your sleep habits.

Like every other big product unveiled this week, Nokia Sleep was announced at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas. The monitor is a flat pad which slides under users mattress and is embedded with various sensors and microphones. The system can detect when you’re snoring and when you’ve reached various phases of sleep. Naturally, there is a companion app called Health Mate which can track your sleep data over time and even pair with intelligent home assistants like Amazon Echo, presumably to automatically order your spouse earplugs after it hears your nightly symphony of snoring or to whisper personalized advertisements to you in your sleep.

Most interesting of all, though, is the fact that the Nokia Sleep system is able to sync with devices using the IFTTT app, a web-based service which can create links between smart devices in your home. This can enable users to create sequences of commands which respond to their sleep habits. For example, once the sleep monitor detects you’ve fallen asleep, it might lower the temperature in your home and turn off lights. Once you start waking up, Nokia Sleep can then turn the lights back on and tell your coffee maker to start brewing.

Nokia says their new sleep monitor will ship in first quarter 2018 and is expected to be priced around $99. Now that our waking lives are dominated by our devices, is Big Tech’s intrusion into our sleeping lives inevitable?

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