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While there are seemingly unlimited types of mattresses on the market for every type of sleeper, one new bed product on the market seems to target a new kind of sleeper: one who enjoys being gently rocked to sleep. Anyone who has ever fallen asleep in a rocking chair or glider knows how soothing and comforting these chairs can be. The rocking motion of certain chairs mimics the motion babies experience when being carried (or rocked) by their mothers, thus creating the soothing, calming effect rocking can have. One new bed maker hopes to capitalize on that soothing effect by introducing the “Rocking Bed,” a unique new bed frame addition which gently rocks users’ mattresses the same way a rocking chair or glider can be rocked. Will the Rocking Bed catch on?

The Rocking Bed features a metal suspended frame and a quiet motor which slowly rocks the bed side-to-side. The “Science” page on bed’s website makes a variety of somewhat eyebrow-raising claims about the health benefits of the Rocking Bed, writing that the rocking can alleviate stress and improve circulation. While I’ll leave those up to medical professionals, the site also claims the bed does what a bed should do and help users achieve a deep, restful sleep:

In addition to helping you combat the symptoms of insomnia, rocking beds can offer a range of other benefits that you can’t afford to miss. Since rocking beds allow you to enter a deep sleep when you go to bed, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. You will have more energy than before, and you will likely experience increased productivity.

The Rocking Bed website offers the bed in four standard sizes (twin, full, queen, king) for pre-order but does not include a price, opting for a phone number instead which interested shoppers can call for more info. Tech and lifestyle blog GeekSpin writes that the beds cost $2950, which includes a 30% discount. Is a gentle rocking motion worth three grand? Couldn’t a hammock provide the same comfort? 

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