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Even if you leave your phone elsewhere when you go to bed at night, the effects of staring at your precious, all-important device all day can have lingering effects which accompany you to bed. Aside from the circadian rhythm disruptions caused by staring at screens, all that bending over one’s phone can lead to back and neck issues. Luckily, that’s where Cleveland-based sleep products manufacturer Enduring Wellness comes in. The company has just released its ComfortAdjust Pillow with an adjustable core which it claims can cure the “tech neck” caused by bending one’s neck towards a smartphone screen all day.

The ComfortAdjust Pillow works by employing one of the simple techniques used by chiropractors to help relax and stretch tight neck muscles: a foam roller. The pillow features an internal miniature foam roller, the firmness of which can be adjusted. The foam roller causes the neck to stretch and relax as users sleep, easing the neck back into proper alignment. One caveat, however: the pillow is designed for back sleepers only. Using it for side or stomach sleeping could cause the foam roller to block one’s airway, in which case a sore neck is the least of your worries. The ComfortAdjust Pillow is currently on sale through QVC for $66 – or three easy payments of $22. It is QVC, after all.

Could this pillow be the cure for “tech neck?” More importantly, is “tech neck” really a condition, or a villain from a 1980’s Saturday morning cartoon? Now that there’s a pillow for it, though, I’m sure people everywhere will start self-diagnosing themselves with the rhyming affliction. And just in time for holiday season! Is it me, or does it seem like every week there’s some new study which details the deleterious effects of smartphones on our sleep habits or some new hi-tech product designed to cure or lessen those effects. And why not? Regular day-long smartphone use is a relatively new phenomenon, and we still don’t quite not what the end result of spending all day staring at those bright, tiny screens will be. Tech neck? Insomnia epidemic? Low worker productivity? All of the above? But who cares, right? I’m slaying on Words With Friends lately and bedtime is the only chance I get to play. Good sleep was so 20th century.

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