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Every family is different. While many of us live in households where each family member has her own room with her own bed, many other households choose to co-sleep, or sleep together in one bed. It’s common for parents to co-sleep with infants and toddlers, especially while breastfeeding, but in some cases parents choose to co-sleep with much older children. If your house co-sleeps, luckily mattress and bedding maker Ace Sizes has the perfect bed for you.

Ace Sizes has debuted the Ace Family Size bed, the largest bed in their collection which should be perfectly suited for even the biggest families. The Ace Family Size bed measures over 144 inches wide by 80 inches long, almost twice as wide as the standard 76-inches-wide king size mattress. At twelve feet wide, the gargantuan mattress certainly isn’t for every house, as most bedrooms would struggle to accommodate such a bed. Still, for families looking for the most comfortable and accommodating for co-sleeping with multiple children, Ace’s Family Size mattress could be a great option. Just make sure to build your house around the bed.

The massive mattress costs $2,750 and comes in firm, soft, and medium options for co-sleeping families. Even though many among us would scoff at such an idea, co-sleeping is practiced widely throughout the world. When it comes to any benefits or negatives, co-sleeping is one of those grey areas: it works for some families, not for others. Much of it likely depends on the number of family members and how much room each member needs. If your house co-sleeps and you need more room, or if you’re a bachelor who just wants more area for building bed forts, the Ace Family Size could be just what you need.

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