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The entire mattress experience is being revolutionized by startups who are changing the ways we buy mattresses and even the mattresses themselves. Popular online mattress stores like Casper and Leesa jumped on the scene early, carving out a new market for themselves by offering mail-order memory foam mattresses which arrive to customers packed tightly in boxes. While some newcomers have tried to make themselves stand out by offering unique features like customizable firmness levels, one new mattress startup seeks to introduce even more change into the mattress buying experience. Nectar, which bills its foam mattresses as the most comfortable, offers its customers a no-questions-asked one-year return policy on all of its mattresses.

Nectar mattresses are constructed out of four layers of memory foam of different densities and are set at the same price points as other foam mattress brands, starting around $500 and reaching up to $900 for its base foam models. Nectar offers free shipping on all of its mattresses and even offers a lifetime warranty. The company has now expanded to offer pillows, sheets, and even luxury mattresses which feature combinations of coil springs and memory foam. Nectar employs what it calls “sleep specialists” around the world who engage with customers both before and after they buy mattresses.

As these startups continue disrupt the mattress world, even some established brick and mortar stores like the perennial Mattress Firm are getting in on the quickly crowding mail order bed-in-a-box market. Will Nectar’s one-year unconditional return policy help it stand out among the some 80 different mail order mattress retailers? So far, the company claims it has seen its sales grow by 20% a month. If you’re still on the fence about trying a new bed-in-a-box mattress, Nectar’s return policy should convince you to give one a shot. And hey, the offer a “No Bed Bug Guarantee.” What is there to lose?


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