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If you’re looking for a good pillow, this might not be the first MyPillow review that you’ve read. If you have a TV, you’re likely well aware of the MyPillow and what it has to offer. Even if you’re not one for those buy on TV products, MyPillow reviews will tell you this purchase is worth a shot. From the positive ratings on Amazon to MyPillow reviews all over the Internet, this might be one of the best mid-priced pillows around. So, if you’re wondering if MyPillow any good, we might be able to help answer that for you.

In this MyPillow review we’re going to look at things like the MyPillow cost, any discounts or MyPillow coupon code offers, and go over the construction of the pillow. This will allow you to find out the positive and negative aspects without having to look up multiple reviews of MyPillow.

MyPillow Cost & Options

If you order your My Pillow through the company website, rather than a MyPillow coupon code, you’ll receive a Buy One, Get One pillow offer. While the website does mention a MyPillow coupon code, when you click your pillow options and add it to the cart, a code is not necessary. A discount of between $40 and $50 will show up in your cart, depending on the size of the pillows you choose. This will cost you a little over $100 or less than $60 per pillow.

If you want just one pillow, you can go to websites like Amazon where the MyPillow cost will go down a bit as you’ll only be picking up one pillow. Keep in mind, there is a 60-day money back guarantee offered, so if you’re not satisfied and you think the reviews of MyPillow are all wrong, you can get a refund.

There are multiple options when it comes to the My Pillow. The color options you will be presented with deal with the firmness of the pillow. Some of the reviews of MyPillow will point out the sizing is wrong because it’s based on your size. The sizes include:

  • Yellow – Least firm
  • White – Medium firm
  • Green – Firm
  • Blue – Extra Firm

If you think of it in terms of sleep style, stomach sleepers would probably prefer a Yellow while side sleepers could opt for Green or Blue.

Is MyPillow any good? If you’d like the chance to pick out the firmness of your pillow and want something you can test out, the My Pillow with the 60-day trial is worth checking out.

Composition: How It’s Made

My Pillow is the official pillow for the National Sleep Foundation. Every pillow is made in the United States. Thanks to the material the pillow is made of, you can wash and dry it with no problem. My Pillow even offers a 10-year warranty so that if you have a problem you’re covered.

Each My Pillow is constructed of a patented three-piece interlocking fill. This means the pillow can adjust to you, no matter what position you choose to sleep in. Rather than having to adjust your pillow as you move throughout the night, My Pillow adjusts with your movements. This means you’re more likely to wake up well rested and without any neck pain!

MyPillow Review: How Comfortable is the MyPillow?

My Pillow is definitely one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve used. Not only was it comfortable, it seemed like I fell asleep faster when I was using the My Pillow. More importantly, it removed any morning neck pain. My partner snores and I noticed that when he uses the MyPillow it seemed to cut back on his snoring quite a bit. All in all, even though the My Pillow is lightweight, it’s deceivingly comfortable. I wasn’t expecting the hype of other MyPillow reviews to be true, but it’s a pretty good pillow.


Take the time and try My Pillow out for yourself. The 60-day money back guarantee ensures that you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like the pillow you can always return it. I will say that it certainly beat my expectations. My neck pain is not present in the morning and I fall asleep faster at night. I even feel more rested when I wake each morning. Everything you want a good pillow to do, the My Pillow does. That alone, makes it worth checking out.

Ashtyn Evans

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