tulo Mattress Review 2018: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

tulo mattress review

Quick Take: tulo mattresses are backed by Mattress Firm. This means that you can read our tulo mattress review and then you can go to a Mattress Firm and test out a tulo for yourself. Keep in mind, upselling at the store is more likely to happen. This is why we recommend shopping online for the best tulo mattress cost. Thanks to the variety of firmness options available, you’re more likely to find a mattress that is just as comfortable as you require.


  • Available in multiple firmness options
  • Very affordable
  • Backed by Mattress Firm, one of the biggest brands in the business
  • Sleeps very cool
  • 120 night risk-free trial



  • Be aware of upsells if you test it in store (online ordering is recommended)


In terms of advantages, tulo has a lot going for it. For starters, most people have heard of Mattress Firm. Unlike many bed-in-a-box mattresses, you have the opportunity to try out a tulo mattress at many Mattress Firm locations. The difference between buying online and in a store, beyond convenience, may end up being price. The tulo mattress cost is on the lower end, but if you test it out in the store, you’re more likely to experience upselling, which will raise the price of the mattress.

Even if you don’t test out the mattress at a store, you get a tulo mattress risk-free trial, so if you find that the mattress isn’t for you, you’ll have the chance to get your money back. While many mattress companies offer you free shipping, tulo is one of the few that promise you’ll receive your mattress within 48 hours. Receiving two-day shipping on a mattress is rare, especially when it’s free!

Like most tulo mattress reviews, the following sections will give you an accurate look at the tulo mattress cost, options, and more. While we can’t allow you to test one out, our tulo mattress review is here to answer all of the other questions that you might have when picking out a new mattress.

This is a full early review of all the features and benefits of this mattress and analysis of numerous tulo reviews from real customers like you. Check back soon for even more details in our hands-on review.


tulo Mattress Cost and Mattress Models

Affordable comfort with a tulo mattress price less than $950

If affordability is what you’re after, tulo definitely fits the bill. If you’re shopping online the tulo mattress cost is quite affordable at $575 for a Twin and no more than $950 for a King/California King. Despite the cheap pricing, tulo mattresses are made with quality materials, which we will talk more about later in this tulo mattress review. In terms of pricing and size, tulo offers beds in all of the standard sizes.


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 75” x 39” x 10” $575
Twin XL 80” x 39” x 10” $600
Full 75” x 54” x 10” $650
Queen 80” x 60” x 10” $750
King 80” x 76” x 10” $950
California King 84” x 72” x 10” $950

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Try tulo risk free for 120 nights to see if it’s the right mattress for you.

Use the coupon code tulo20 to save 20% on your new mattress!

Composition: How it’s Made

Multiple layers and a foundation layer where you pick the firmness

If you’re wondering what you’ll need beyond a tulo mattress, you may not need anything else. The only thing the tulo needs is a firm flat surface to lay on and once it’s out of the box and expanded, you’re good to go. You can place your tulo on a regular frame, an adjustable frame, or even on the floor. If you’ve got a box spring you can use one of those, too. You have three comfort options with tulo. Soft is recommended for side sleepers, medium is for stomach sleepers, and firm is recommended for back sleepers. If you’re part of a couple, tulo recommends the medium, if you both sleep in different positions. Of course, you know your comfort needs better than anyone else, so after answering a few questions you should be able to pick out the mattress for you in no time.

No matter what size mattress you choose, your tulo will start with a soft fabric blend woven cover. Each mattress is 10” and made of four layers of hybrid foam. The first layer offers ventilated memory foam. This layer is 2”. While memory foam can sleep hot, this is ventilated, which circulates air and makes it a cooler, breathable layer. Cooling is taken to another level with the titanium particles that are also in this layer. The next layer is 1.5” of responsive foam that offers peaks and valleys that promote airflow. The third layer is also 1.5”, though instead of responsive foam it’s made of strut reinforced foam. This layer will reduce the compression that occurs on the mattress surface and also cuts down on material fatigue.

The final 4” is made of the foundation layer. This layer varies just a little bit based on the firmness level of the mattress you choose. This final layer will support the rest of your mattress as the foundational base. It will either be made of soft, medium, or firm density poly foam, depending on the bed you choose.


How Comfortable is a tulo Mattress?

Take your pick between a soft, medium, or firm mattress

It can be hard choosing a mattress that is designed with only one firmness level. People tend to feel strongly about the firmness level their mattress has. This is because various firmness levels are better for different sleep positions, for health problems, and even just personal comfort. Whether you’re part of a couple or sleep all alone, you’ll have the ability to choose the level of comfort that’s the best fit for you.

  • Firmness: tulo offers three firmness options. You can answer some questions online or take their recommendations. You can also test them out at Mattress Firm, though we recommend online buying for the best price. The different firmness options mean that you have a say in customizing your comfort.
  • Sinkage: Part of the thing that makes a bed sink has to do with how soft it is. Naturally they softer mattresses have some more give and sink a little more than the firm mattresses. Otherwise, sinkage is not too obvious. This is not the kind of mattress you worry about getting stuck in!
  • Motion Transfer: Thanks to multiple foam layers, most motion is absorbed easily. You probably won’t need to roll around, tossing and turning on the tulo, but if you do your partner shouldn’t feel it.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is the tulo Mattress a Good Bed for Sex?

A comfort level handpicked by you and a decent bounce are two pluses

One thing about intimacy where the tulo is concerned, is that you have the benefit of choosing how soft or firm your mattress will be. Ultimately, you know what’s going to make you the most comfortable, and that will help while sleeping, but also during other times, as well. tulo offers a nice bounce and while there is some cradling, you won’t have any major sinkage issues to deal with. The top layers will keep you cool and comfortable while the layers further down will maintain your support. All in all, tulo provides a mattress that will work for couples very well, so it’s fair to say it’s a great mattress for sex.

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tulo Mattress Risk-Free Trial

Your first four months on the tulo come absolutely risk free!

The reality is that you can go and try a mattress out at Mattress Firm, but sitting on any mattress for 15 minutes isn’t going to give you the answers on how it will feel a month from now. So, whether you buy a mattress at the store, or online, there is always that risk that you won’t like it in the long run. That’s why tulo offers a 4-month risk-free trial. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your mattress, you have the first four months to change your mind. If there’s an issue, you’ll be able to contact customer service for a hassle-free return and you’ll get all of your money back if you’re returning it in the first 120 days.


tulo Mattress Coupon Code

Here’s how you can find a tulo mattress coupon code

There are two good places to look if you’re on the hunt for a tulo mattress coupon code. The first place is the tulo website. Make sure to look towards the top of the website because that is where they are going to list any deals that are available. This includes a tulo mattress coupon code if one is available. If there is a coupon code, they will also offer all the details you need to use it! The current tulo coupon code, tulo20 will allow you to save 20% on your new mattress as long as you purchase it from the tulo website!


tulo Mattress Reviews: What are Others Saying?

tulo differs from a lot of online bed-in-a-box mattress because you can actually test these out at most Mattress Firm stores. However, if you don’t have a store near you or are more comfortable buying online to get a better deal, these tulo mattress reviews should be a big help.

“I’ve had my Tulo Queen Firm mattress for a month now. The mattress is great! I originally tried to order a medium, but they were out of stock, I decided to try out the firm because I was in a bit of a pinch to get a mattress ASAP. I was comforted with the 120 night sleep guarantee as a back up if I disliked the firm mattress. The mattress was delivered first thing in the morning less than 48 hours after the order. We ended up loving the firm mattress. I’m a side sleeper and even find that I sleep through the night and wake up without any pains.” – Shelby

“Mattress conforms and fits my body like a glove. On my old mattress, I would wake up and the bed would look like a hurricane ripped through it from all my tossing and turning. Now I barely need to make the bed because I sleep so soundly and peacefully. Best mattress I have ever owned. Or slept on.” – Marc

“Such a beautiful mattress, easy to set up and provides the firm comfort I am looking for during my sleep. I have had the mattress for almost a month and already have taken 3 incidental naps, which I blame on the comfort of Tulo.” – Mike


Conclusions: Who is the tulo Mattress Best Suited For?

Sleepers seeking to determine their own comfort level

Both Mattress Firm and tulo realize that one mattress won’t fit all. That’s why they give you the chance to pick how firm you’d like your mattress. Beyond this key option, all mattresses are made of the same materials. They include cooling, so you won’t have to stick to the bed each night. You also have the option to use an adjustable frame or you can even put it on the floor. When you look at the price of a tulo and you add that to the many benefits you receive from cooling to a reduction in pain and motion isolation, you can’t go wrong with a tulo.

Try tulo risk free for 120 nights to see if it’s the right mattress for you.

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