Happsy Mattress Review 2018: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

happsy mattress review

Quick Take: This Happsy mattress review offers something we rarely talk about and that’s organic mattresses. This bed-in-a-box comes compressed to your door for easy setup and it’s completely organic, so you don’t need to worry about allergens or harmful chemicals. Each mattress even comes with a free pillow. So, if you’re interested in Happsy, keep reading to learn more about the Happsy price, organic mattress materials, and even read additional Happsy mattress reviews so you can make the most informed choice possible.


  • Totally organic, eco-friendly mattress
  • Natural, healthy sleeping environment
  • Hybrid design combines the benefits of latex and spring mattresses
  • Sleeps cool
  • 120 night risk-free trial



  • May not be ideal for those looking for a very soft mattress


Our Full Happsy Mattress Review

It’s not every day that you find an affordable organic mattress. Despite the fact that you’re getting the best materials in a luxury mattress, you’ll still pay far less than you would if you went to your local mattress showroom. Happsy is all about comfort and convenience. Ordering is simple, and shipping is fast and free. Should you need them, returns are also free. Every mattress is locally handcrafted, and the best materials are used to create your new mattress.

A Happsy mattress is crafted with a combination of organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. This provides the most comfortable feel possible. As this is a hybrid mattress, Happsy also contains a layer of pocketed springs that will add support, contouring, and pressure relief. You can learn more about the materials used later in this Happsy mattress review.

Like many other bed-in-a-box offerings, Happsy offers a hassle-free trial period that allows you to get your money back if there are problems with the mattress. There is also a 10-year warranty in case of defects or flaws. If you’re still worried about the price, it’s possible (especially around holidays) that you’ll find a Happsy coupon code to cut the cost some.


Happsy Mattress Cost and Mattress Models

An affordable option for an organic mattress

The Happsy price for a new mattress ranges from $750 to $1,500, putting it on the higher end for a luxury mattress in the bed-in-a-box market. When you consider the fact that you’re getting an organic mattress made from the finest foams, the price doesn’t seem bad. While it may not be affordable for some, you can always look out for a Happsy coupon code or other available discounts!


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 75” x 38” x 10” $749
Twin XL 80” x 38” x 10” $799
Full 75” x 53” x 10” $1,099
Queen 80” x 60” x 10” $1,199
King 80” x 76” x 10” $1,499
California King 84” x 72” x 10” $1,499

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Remember, you can try Happsy risk-free for 120 nights to see if it’s the right mattress for you.


Composition: How it’s Made

Multiple layers and a set of pocket coils create a breathable, cool mattress

With Happsy you have the option of buying the traditional mattress or the pillowtop mattress. The only difference between these two choices is that the pillowtop comes with a 2” organic latex topper. If you want a softer mattress that is more likely to give your body a more pronounced hug then this is what you’ll want. Side sleepers might prefer this option because the topper will add more contouring and will cradle your hips while it reduces pressure and keeps your body aligned properly. If you don’t think you need the pillowtop, don’t worry, the topper can be added separately, so you can start with the mattress alone and determine if a topper is necessary for you!

Things get rolling with an organic cotton cover. The benefits of organic cotton means that there are no pesticides in the cotton. The cover is soft and offers just the right amount of give. While you won’t sink into the bed, you’ll be able to feel the cover cradling you in comfort. Cotton is also breathable, which keeps down the heat and reduces the chances of sleeping hot.

Inside the mattress, things get started with a layer of wool batting. This layer is tasked with regulating heat in the mattress. This means you can expect it to keep you cooler in the warmer months and warmer in the winter. As it’s organic, and it’s a natural fire barrier, harmful chemicals were not needed to protect the mattress. Next, the mattress has 2” of natural organic latex. Using natural latex cuts down on offgassing, among other things. Organic latex is an eco-friendly option that will add bounce, comfort, and superior support.

The individual pocketed coils is your next layer. This is your support system for the Happsy. Each coil creates custom comfort individually and also reduces motion transfer throughout the bed. This is great for couples that want to sleep together but have different sleep needs. This way no one feels the other tossing in the night. The pocketed coils also ensure that your mattress remains cool and dry, thanks to the circulation of air throughout the mattress. Finally, there is a layer of organic cotton filling under the coils to create a transitional buffer layer.


How Comfortable is a Happsy Mattress?

This hybrid mattress starts at medium firm and offers an optional topper

Happsy can be purchased with or without a mattress topper that provides you with a softer, more pillowtop type experience. You can purchase this topper as part of your first Happsy mattress price or you can opt to not buy it to discover if you really need it. It can be purchased and added to the mattress at any time. Many mattresses are called luxury mattresses, but the Happsy really has a luxury feel to it thanks to the organic, healthier materials that are used.

  • Firmness: A medium firm mattress will offer comfort to many different sleep types. However, if you want a softer mattress you can add the topper for a small additional charge. Medium firm mattresses will be firm enough that you don’t sink into the bed, but soft enough that you still feel a softness to the mattress.
  • Sinkage: As this is a hybrid mattress with hundreds of pocketed coils, you’ll find plenty of support and not a lot of sinkage. You will experience a small amount, as if the mattress were cradling your body, hugging your curves.
  • Motion Transfer: You won’t have to worry about motion transfer with Happsy. Minimal movement is felt when you move around. Often, sleepers will toss and turn less if they are better supported and more comfortable, so you may find that you move less at night. Still, if you move, you won’t have to worry about waking up the one next to you.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is the Happsy Mattress a Good Bed for Sex?

Pocketed coils add support, bounce, and a great foundation

No matter if you put your Happsy on the floor or on a frame, you’ll find that it has all the elements you’d want in a bed, if you were buying one with sex in mind. The latex and foam layers will provide you with bounce and a quick response that moves with your movements. The pocketed coils will add support and will prevent too much sinkage from occurring. If you find that the mattress is not soft enough for your liking, the topper might be just what you need to create a more comfortable surface.

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Happsy Mattress Risk-Free Trial

You’ll be able to enjoy a 4-month risk-free trial!

When you go into your local mattress store, you can sit on every bed in the showroom if you’d like. Of course, once you get up and get home, you might find that you’re not as big of a fan of the mattress you bought as you thought you would be. If that’s the case, there usually isn’t anything that can be done. With Happsy, there is no showroom to test your mattress, but once you buy it and receive it you have 120-days to make up your mind about Happsy. The 4-month hassle-free, risk-free trial allows you 120 nights to send back Happsy for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Customer service will process your refund and have your mattress picked up. Once this happens you’ll receive your full refund. It couldn’t be easier or offer more protection.


Happsy Mattress Coupon Code

Ways you can find a Happsy mattress coupon code

One way to cut down the price of your Happsy bed is by getting it when it’s on sale. Sales happen periodically. Sometimes discounts are just readily available with no additional work required by you. Other times, you’ll need a Happsy mattress coupon code to put in during the checkout process. In order to find a Happsy mattress coupon code, you’ll only need to visit the Happsy website. Different codes and sales will be available throughout the year, so if you’re looking for sales, remember to check around the holidays!


Happsy Mattress Reviews: What are Others Saying?

While I hope you’re finding what you need in this Happsy mattress review, you should check out other Happsy mattress reviews to get a full picture of what Happsy has to offer. Reading other reviews will give you a better sense of what people are saying so you have a better idea of what to expect if you buy a Happsy of your own!

“So far we love our mattress+ topper! I was a little worried it might be too firm but it is absolutely perfect. Supportive where you need it and super cozy. I love knowing my family and I aren’t sleeping in a cloud of harmful chemicals. It was very easy to assemble out of the box and there was only a latex smell for maybe 24 hours. Extremely happy with my purchase and recommend to all.” – Dorothy


“My husband and I finally replaced our 12 year old mattress, and we couldn’t be happier with our happsy mattress!!! It is firm, yet soft enough to not have to use a topper. It took very little time for the mattress to expand once taken out or the box and unwrapped. Not that it matters, but the mattress has a cute pattern, and even better had zero odor. I love knowing that we are sleeping on an eco-friendly, organic mattress. Best of all, we are sleeping better than we have in years! 100% worth every penny!” – Brianna


“I love my Happsy mattress and mattress pad! I have allergies, and switching to a non-toxic mattress has been a game changer for me. It’s on the firmer side, which I prefer, and doesn’t reek of chemicals like other online mattresses. The price was amazing, delivery was quick, and setup was easy. I love it!” – Adam


Conclusions: Who is the Happsy Mattress Best Suited For?

Sleepers looking for a healthier mattress option with a medium firm feel

Happsy is one of the few organic mattresses in the bed-in-a-box market. While the prices are moderate where luxury mattresses are concerned, they are certainly fair for something lacking any harmful chemicals and are certified organic. If prices are too high for you, coupon codes and sales happen several times a year. In terms of comfort, Happsy offers a medium-firm mattress for most sleep positions. If you find it is too firm for you, the optional mattress topper might be just what you need to soften things up.

Remember, you can try Happsy risk-free for 120 nights to see if it’s the right mattress for you.

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