Eve Mattress Review: Everything You Need to Know About Eve

eve mattress review

One of the coolest things about an Eve mattress is that the company is dedicated to ensuring that you’ll get a good night’s rest. Eve is a mattress company that differs from many other companies. Instead of making a variety of mattresses, from the beginning, Eve has set out to make one mattress; the best mattress. The mattress they have been working to build is one that is good for all sleepers, couples and singles, big or small. In our Eve mattress review, we discuss if they’ve achieved this goal.

The idea for Eve started back in 2012. Since those days they have done as much testing as possible to create the perfect mattress. In the early days, they sold each mattress at cost in order to get necessary feedback to improve the mattress. They’ve had over 75,000 people try it, and have worked to continually improve Eve mattresses with each bit of feedback. That work has paid off, because honestly, there are many happy Eve customers based on reviews.

Eve is a UK company, but they ship to the US. You receive free shipping and it’s pretty fast, too. As my full review will state, the Eve mattress has a lot going for it. It’s comfortable, has a good bounce, doesn’t sink, and overall will satisfy most sleepers. If you’re considering an Eve mattress and want to learn more, continue reading our Eve mattress review for more details.

Eve Mattress Cost and Models

The Eve mattress is available in all of the basic sizes from Twin and Twin XL to King and California King. While many luxury mattresses will cost you thousands of dollars, you can get an Eve mattress for less than $1,000. At the end of the day, the Eve mattress cost is much cheaper than the average mattress without sacrificing quality.

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $599
  • Full: $749
  • Queen: $849
  • King: $949
  • California King: $949

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Composition: How It’s Made

The Eve mattress is made of three layers and the cover. As this is an Eve mattress review, let’s go over what you’re getting when you buy an Eve.

The bottom layer is about 6.5″ and it serves as the foundation. As your support layer, this layer is going to need to be durable, provide the shape of the mattress, and it creates the base of your mattress.

The middle layer is just 1.5″ and its polyurethane foam. This layer is able to allow the mattress to breathe, as its lower density foam. This means that your mattress will not retain heat as much as other mattresses and it will sleep cooler, as a result.

Your third, or top layer, is 2.0″ inches of memory foam. This layer is going to offer pressure relief and the support that will work for a variety of sleep styles.

Finally, you have the cover. The cover is made of polyester, which means you can expect a soft cover that forms perfectly to the mattress. Unlike all white covers, Eve differs because the side of the mattress is actually yellow, while the top is white. While some will find this off-putting, I personally don’t have a problem with it. You can also remove the cover and it’s able to be washed and dried, if that is necessary. The cover is also very breathable, helping make this a decent mattress for hot sleepers.

Even though the Eve mattress comes in a box, it was not hard to set up. It began expanding immediately, and by the evening it was ready to sleep on. The mattress expands for a couple of hours to its regular shape, but honestly you could lay on it right out of the box to get an idea of what to expect. It is recommended that in order to evenly distribute wear and tear that you rotate the mattress monthly for the first six months.

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How Comfortable is a Eve Mattress?

Overall, the Eve mattress was comfortable, and will be pleasing to a variety of sleepers. For this Eve mattress review, in terms of a mattress creating ultimate comfort, we’re going to look at how firm the mattress is, if it creates unnecessary sinkage, and how much motion transfer occurs when you’re sleeping in the bed with another person.

  • Firmness – If you like, want, or require a bed that is on the softer side, the Eve mattress may not be for you. The Eve mattress is on the firmer side. I’d say closer to a 7 or 8 out of 10. In saying that, it’s important to mention that it doesn’t feel quite that firm. It’s not like sleeping on a brick, but it is on the firmer side. For that reason, I think it’s a good mattress for back pain sufferers.
  • Sinkage – There is a bit of sinkage that occurs due to the memory foam being on the top layer. That said, it feels more like the mattress hugging you gently as opposed to being dropped in quick sand.
  • Motion Transfer – Where motion transfer is concerned, I slept on the bed with my wife and when one of us moved or got up, the other didn’t feel it or wake up as a result. I slept soundly on both my back and side with no problems. So, I’d rate is a good mattress for couples.

And thanks to the breathable middle layer and the light hug without major sinkage, the mattress does not make you too hot as you sleep.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is Eve a Good Bed for Sex?

We’re all adults, so let’s face it. One of the most common questions we receive is about the quality of a mattress during sex. Thanks to a good bounce, sex on an Eve mattress is a pleasant experience. You won’t have to work too hard to do what you want to do, and thanks to a light amount of sinkage, you won’t be hindered by your mattress. So, it’s a good bed for sex.

Eve Mattress Free Trial

You can use the Eve coupon to get a better deal, but what if you get your mattress and find that it’s not comfortable? Don’t worry because Eve offers you 100 nights to sleep on your mattress and discover if you love it. With Eve, they would rather have a satisfied customer and a great mattress, so they will have your mattress removed if you don’t like it, and your Eve mattress cost will be absolutely nothing.

So, you’ll be able to take the time you need to determine if this mattress will work for you in the long term. If not, just return it within the 100 days, and you’ll be free to find the right mattress for you.

It’s important to keep in mind that the 100-night trial only works if you buy direct from Eve on their website or using our links to get there. If you buy on something like Amazon, the trial period shrinks to 30 days.

Eve Mattress Coupon Code

At this time, there aren’t any special Eve mattress coupon codes available for extra savings. However, you can check here to make sure you’re getting the lowest current price. Should the details of the Eve mattress coupon program change, we will update it here, so you know just how much you’ll be able to save.

Eve Mattress Reviews: What Others are Saying

In addition to our opinions at Sleep Zoo, we feel that it’s important for you to hear what others have to say about these mattresses. The following Eve mattress review excerpts come from actual customers on the Internet. These are just a few of the reviews that we found.

“Unprecedented good service from this company. I ordered the mattress and after a month realised it was too soft and hurting my back, so I called and was offered a mattress topper, free of charge which arrived a couple of days later. This also didn’t fix the problem, sadly, so I called back and was immediately shipped another, firmer, mattress which was absolutely perfect. They even waited a couple of weeks before arranging pick up of the first one to give me time to decide if I liked it.

Excellent customer service, personal touch with a call back from someone at the company at a time that suited me.” – Eve Darwood

“Only about 3 weeks in, but sleeps incredibly. This was my first experience with a non-spring mattress and I have been incredibly pleased. It takes me very little time to fall asleep now as opposed to previously it would take about 30 minutes of turning back and forth before I would fall asleep. Highly recommended!” – Jason B.

“The bed was too soft for me and I ended up returning it. However, I loved the concept of how Eve works and the fantastic customer service. True to their word, I was able to return the bed, hassle-free, at no additional cost. They made it super simple and easy!

I tend to like very firm mattresses, and this one, although probably firmer than many beds, made me feel like I was sinking, and practically rolling off the sides of the bed. Even with such softness, they could use more sturdy “edge seams” that don’t make you feel like you’re going to fall off the edge.

4 stars for great customer service and for what would probably be a great bed for most folks. Just didn’t work for me.” – eskimodesign

“Absolutely awful. Also note that buying through amazon means 30 day return, not 100 day return. Mattress is terribly hard. Eve sent a mattress pad which did not improve the experience. But by the time you get a pad and try…your 30 days is over. Just a terrible experience all the way around. Buy your mattress in the store, where you can try it out.” – Donnie

Conclusions: Who the Eve Mattress Is and Isn’t For

Our Eve mattress review showed us that this mattress may not work for people wanting a softer mattress. That said, it’s a good solution for most other sleepers. If you have a bad back or need a firmer mattress, the Eve will work well for you. Coupled with the high level of customer service, the deal you get with our Eve mattress coupon, and the 100-night sleep trial, it’s hard not to recommend the Eve mattress for purchase.

The Eve mattress is just one of the great mattresses that we have reviewed on Sleep Zoo. If this isn’t the mattress for you, we’ve got information on others, and are here to help you find the mattress that works for you!

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