Element Mattress Review: All About the Element Mattress

element mattress review

I was excited to be able to do an Element mattress review, because it’s a newer company and not a lot of information about their mattress is out there. The founders of Element used to work at helping to sell mattresses in thrift stores. All of this time spent looking at other mattresses only taught them that there had to be a way to build a better mattress. So, they got together with that goal in mind.

They use the most high-quality elements to ensure that your mattress is comfortable, but that it’s also built well so that it will last. There is no point in having a beautiful mattress only to find that it’s like sleeping in sand and its sagging in a year. The Element team wants each mattress to last as long as possible and to see you sleeping easy while you’re on it.

Overall, as you’ll see, if you continue reading this Element mattress review, my time reviewing this was time well spent. I slept well and think that others will, too.

Element Mattress Cost and Models

Like many online mattress retailers, Element offers one mattress. The difference in the Element mattress cost depends on the size of the mattress that you choose. The mattress sizes and prices include:

  • Twin: $629
  • Twin XL: $729
  • Full: $849
  • Queen: $979
  • King: $1,179
  • California King: $1,179

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Composition: How It’s Made

The composition of each Element mattress consists of three foam layers and a cover. It uses a variety of foams to create the best mattress possible.

The bottom layer is made of a high-density base foam. Using a higher density foam creates a more durable bed that will last longer. It also means there is a lower chance of things like your mattress sagging. This is the base of your bed, and Element takes that to heart, making sure you have the best foundation available.

Next up you have a layer of Serene Foam. While Serene Foam is similar to memory foam, it was created in 2015 to give you the benefits of memory foam without any of the problems. Serene Foam is a temperature neutral foam, which means that you won’t overheat while sleeping, which is a common complaint of people who sleep on memory foam. Like memory foam, Serene Foam will still conform to your body and offer a good amount of pressure relief. On top of that it won’t soften or break down over time, and it will keep you cool through the night.

The final, top layer, is made from Futuratex Foam. This foam is also similar to memory foam. The difference is that the foam adjusts to your body faster than memory foam. With a memory foam mattress, people often sink into the mattress and can find it hard to get off of it. The Futuratex allows you to feel snug, but adjusts quickly as you move, making it easier for you to move around.

The layers are all wrapped up in a hand sewn cover. Each cover has a light amount of quilting and a special backing material. This allows each layer to breathe easier, which regulates the overall temperature of the bed, and helps to prevent moisture buildup. The fact that multiple layers prevent heat buildup really helps your mattress to remain cool, which is an important part of getting good sleep. This makes it a nice cooling mattress.

One example of a couple minor frays in various spots of the mattress cover.

When I received the Element mattress, there were a few very small, almost unnoticeable frays in the cover. I am not sure if it was damaged in the packing process or what happened, but these spots have not gotten bigger or spread and it doesn’t look as if they will in the future. Overall, though very minor imperfections, these did not affect sleep in any way.

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How Comfortable is an Element Mattress?

The Element mattress is comfortable and provides a good night’s sleep. Based on the work done for this Element mattress review, I’d say that the Element would work best for back or side sleepers. If you sleep on your back and suffer from back or hip pain, the Element is soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to help your pain issues.

  • Firmness – I personally feel the Element is a bit on the softer side. Having slept on some other mattresses, I will say it’s a bit firmer than the Leesa, though not by much. On the off chance you want something super-soft they offer a mattress topper that will add some extra softness. Overall, I’d say it’s on the lighter side of a medium firm. For this reason, many consider it to be a good mattress for back pain.
  • Sinkage – Thanks to two of the layers being a higher tech memory foam style, you get all of the comfort of memory foam, but you’re not sleeping on quicksand. In fact, there isn’t much sinkage at all to report.
  • Motion Transfer – Couples will enjoy the minimal motion transfer that the Element mattress offers. In general, rolling over and getting out of bed isn’t going to wake up your partner. I don’t recall an instance where I woke my wife up or vice versa. Coming from your average innerspring, it’s nice to not have to deal with those issues. Simply put, it’s a good mattress for couples.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is Element a Good Bed for Sex?

When it comes to choosing a mattress for sex, we didn’t find anything to complain about in our Element mattress review. With minimal sinking, you’ll be able to move freely in a variety of positions. It’s firm enough that the mattress has a nice bounce, but soft enough that you won’t feel like you’re having sex on a rock. All in all, the Element mattress works just fine for sex.

Element Mattress Free Trial

The best thing about buying any mattress online is that the majority of them offer a free trial. In the case of Element, you receive a 100-night sleep trial. The important thing to remember is that you need to buy the mattress through Element to get this trial. If you use our Element mattress coupon that’s a great way to get access to the 100-night trial. However, if you buy the mattress on another website that is not Element your trial may be less or altogether nonexistent.

Element Mattress Coupon Code

At this time, there is no current Element mattress coupon code available. However, you can ensure you get the best pricing by visiting their site here.

Element Mattress Reviews: What Others Are Saying

In order to provide you with the best Element mattress review possible, we’ve taken a minute to scour the Internet and find you some reviews from actual customers. These people have slept on an Element bed also, so you can consider their Element mattress review when deciding whether or not the Element mattress is for you.

The following Element mattress review excerpts come straight from the Element website.

“My wife and I have been around and around trying to find a mattress that she could sleep on. She suffers with Fibro, and the pain at night was causing a lot of problems. If you are familiar with the disease you understand that finding a mattress that helps sleep can be a challenge. A friend of ours in Michigan recommended the Element. Well, it worked. We finally found a mattress she can sleep on. The bonus is that we both love it. Glad we found Element; the needle in the haystack of mattress companies.” – Jarred

“This mattress is a surprise for me. Always had innersprings with various toppers or pillowtops. Didn’t expect to like the all foam approach. This mattress has a completely different feel than memory foam. It feels solid but it has a softer touch, it doesn’t feel like you are sinking into a marshmallow, like so many of the others I have laid on. My sleep data is showing me my sleep quality improvement. My body is telling me thank you.” – D.R.

“LOVE this mattress. After years of memory foam I’m glad we made the decision to try something new. Nicer feel and better temp regulation when I sleep. You’ll thank yourself!” – Reggie

“The Feel:

– Though the mattress feels very supple to the touch I just couldn’t adjust to the feel of it. That may possibly be due to not being used to the foam feel. We have always had innerspring mattresses. It was just too firm for me.

-Though I felt it was to firm, it didn’t give me the feeling of pressure points or hot spots.

The Experience:

They were nice to work with and stood behind their policy 100%. Though this mattress wasn’t a fit for me, I would recommend them.” – Michele P.

Conclusions: Who the Element Mattress Is and Isn’t For

If you’re a back sleeper, have back pain, or are someone just looking for a firmer mattress on a medium-firm scale, the Element mattress might be a good option for you. Overall, the experience with Element was a good one. The sleep trial is comparable to other well-known mattress companies, and the prices, while more expensive than some, aren’t unreasonable. All in all, after sleeping on the Element for a bit for this Element mattress review, I can say that I slept well and was happy to go to bed each night. In addition, the lack of movement during motion transfer made it great for both sex and couples sleeping.

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If you’ve discovered through this Element mattress review that this isn’t the bed for you, we’ve got other options for you to consider. We’ve looked at some of the top mattresses in the industry to help you find the best bed for you!

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