Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review 2018: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

cocoon by sealy mattress review

Quick Take: If you’re nervous about purchasing a bed-in-a-box choosing one from a company you know might be easier. Sealy has over one hundred years of mattress making experience under their belt.  Our Cocoon by Sealy mattress review will help you determine if this is the mattress for you. Keep reading for details on mattress construction, price, comfort level, and whether or not there is a Cocoon by Sealy coupon code. We even offer some additional Cocoon mattress reviews so you can see what others have to say.


  • Made by Sealy who has been around for 100+ years;
  • based on extensive research & development to create a great mattress;
  • Great for those on a budget
  • Chill version sleeps very cool
  • 100-night risk-free trial



  • Heavier individuals may want a thicker, higher density option


Our Full Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

One of the main advantages of buying a Cocoon mattress is that Sealy is a name you’ve likely known forever. It’s also a name you can trust. You’ve likely sat on various Sealy mattresses in your lifetime. Sealy mattress reviews are generally favorable. As far as mattresses go, they have a variety of options and most of them work great for a lot of sleepers.

The Cocoon mattress is Sealy’s way of entering the bed-in-a-box market. This mattress will work for many sleepers. This is because Sealy did extensive research before applying that to the Cocoon by Sealy mattress. The result is something semi-firm that sleeps incredibly cool. As this is an online market, you’re able to get the Cocoon by Sealy mattress at a great price. This does not include any available Cocoon by Sealy coupon code or special offers that are occasionally available.

Don’t want to read our whole Cocoon mattress review? Watch the video review below:


Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Cost and Mattress Models

You can’t go wrong with a King mattress for under $1,000

You don’t need a Cocoon by Sealy coupon code to get a good deal on one of these mattresses. For a luxury mattress, they are priced fairly, with a California King coming in under $1,000. You also receive free shipping, so that is not a cost you’d need to consider. Free returns are also available, though those will be discussed more, further in our Sealy Cocoon review when we talk about the risk-free trial!

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 74.5” x 38” x 10” $399
Twin XL 79.5” x 38” x 10” $449
Full 74.5” x 53” x 10” $649
Queen 79.5” x 60” x 10” $799
King 79.5” x 76” x 10” $999
California King 83.5” x 72” x 10” $999

Try Cocoon risk-free for 100 nights to see if it’s right for you.

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Composition: How it’s Made

Three layers and a premium cover are the core pieces that make this mattress

Every layer of the mattress, from the cover to the foundation, add something to the Cocoon. The quality cover is made of proprietary Phase Change Material. This material absorbs and removes heat, which provides a refreshingly cool surface and removes the worry for people who sleep hot. The first foam layer is perfect fit memory foam. This is a high-quality memory foam meant to adapt to your size and sleep position. This means that you get to sleep in the most comfortable position for you.

The second foam layer is your comfort layer. You get to customize your comfort and get to choose between the soft and firm Cocoon bed. The softer version is meant to give you that hugged in-bed feel. On the other hand, the firm model feels sturdier and feels more like on-bed. Your final layer is support foam. This highly durable foam is both long-lasting and resilient. This is the layer where you get your bounce.


How Comfortable is a Cocoon Mattress?

You pick Soft or Firm because not all sleepers are made the same

Sealy knows that you can’t please everyone. With this in mind, they allow you to choose your firmness option because what is firm to you may be too soft to someone else. While both beds are essentially the same, the comfort foam layer is either firm or soft, depending on your main preference. Fans of the Cocoon often mention the reduction of aches and pains, as well as having a comfortable sleep surface.

  • Firmness: The firmness level of your Cocoon bed will depend on the firmness level that you choose. Sealy describes the differences between the two with firm being a bed you sleep on and soft being a bed you sleep in. In other words, the soft model should allow you to sink deeper into the mattress.
  • Sinkage: The firm Cocoon by Sealy mattress shouldn’t allow for much sinkage at all. On the other hand, the soft version will allow you to sink deeper in. The results will also be different based on your weight.
  • Motion Transfer: Whether you have the soft or firm Cocoon you should not have to deal with motion. The foam mattress isolates motion so that if you like to toss and turn in the middle of the night, you won’t bother the person lying next to you.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is the Cocoon Sealy Mattress a Good Bed for Sex?

A cuddle-worthy comfort layer and a good bounce are two pluses

It’s safe to assume that the results for this will depend on whether you have the soft or firm mattress. The reason for this is that with the softer mattress you will sink more. That said, these mattresses are incredibly responsive, so it will move with you not get you stuck in the bed unable to get out. The foundational layer offers a bounce that will be much appreciated for your average bedroom activity. While you may not think this is the most important thing to consider, it’s worth knowing that this mattress won’t put a damper on your love life. We’d definitely say it’s a good bed for sex.

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Cocoon Mattress Risk-Free Trial

The first 100-nights you have Cocoon serve as a risk-free trial

The only hard part about buying any mattress online is not being able to test it out. While testing at a big box store usually only lasts a few minutes, it tends to set the buyer more at ease. You can look up all of the Sealy mattress reviews you want, but that won’t tell you personally how the mattress feels to you. This is why Sealy offers Cocoon customers 100 risk-free nights on their new mattress. If you aren’t satisfied and don’t think you can sleep on your Cocoon, they will give you your money back. It’s a simple, hassle-free way to try the Cocoon without having tried it before buying.

Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Coupon Code

Is a Cocoon mattress coupon code available?

The best thing to do if you’re looking for an added discount is to check the Cocoon website. Any special offers that Sealy has for the Cocoon will be listed on their website. This will give you the chance to learn more about financing, if you require it, as well. If not, you can shop the specials and any current Cocoon by Sealy coupon code that they are currently offering. Prices are already reasonable, but a little help never hurt!


Cocoon Mattress Reviews: What are Others Saying?

There is no shortage of Sealy mattress reviews on the web. More specifically, you can find Cocoon mattress reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. While we can’t offer them all, here are a few of the Cocoon mattress reviews that we found. You should also take the time to look up any other Sealy Cocoon review, so you’re able to make the best decision about your future purchase.

“I replaced my 10 plus year mattress with this one. It took a few days to get used too but now I’m very happy with it. I purchased the soft style. It’s very cozy and I put flannel sheets on it so it is perfect. I’m thankful it is reasonably priced and good quality. Buying a bed in a box was a first for me but totally worth it!.” – Rachel M.

“Bought this without ever having slept on one based on the reviews of others. I have never slept so good so thank you Sealy and Amazon reviewers. After 4 months on this mattress I absolutely love it and purchased a second for our guest room. It is super firm with about an inch of give and I quit tossing and turning after about a month. I sleep on my side and have no issues, my wife rolling around in her sleep doesn’t bother me nearly as much and the bed is just super comfy.” – JWill

“I absolutely love my Cocoon! It’s amazing! I went with the soft mattress but it is almost a mix between soft and firm. It’s perfect for my back, which I have trouble with. I wake up refreshed and with little to no back pain anymore. It’s so comfortable and cool. I definitely would recommend this brand.” – Nat M.


Conclusions: Who is the Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Best Suited For?

Sleepers that want to choose their firmness will have the option to choose

Cocoon by Sealy is not a one-size-fits-all mattress. While the inner makeup of the mattress is essentially the same, you get to pick your firmness. You can choose between soft or firm, which will make all the difference in the comfort level for most sleepers. Otherwise, you end up with a mattress that has a good bounce, a cool sleep surface, and it’s by a name you likely know and trust. Add in the risk-free trial and you really don’t have anything to lose!

Try Cocoon risk-free for 100 nights to see if it’s right for you.

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