Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review 2018: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

brooklyn bedding signature mattress review

QUICK TAKE: The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress offers comfort levels similar to high-end mattresses through its hybrid design and proprietary TitanFlex foam. The additional option of three firmness levels and a reasonable price means it’d be a great value for all.


  • Offered in three different firmness levels
  • Proprietary TitanFlex foam sleeps cool, offers great support, and is very responsive
  • Established company with a great track record
  • Great offers with 0% financing available and a 120-night risk-free trial


  • Might not be the best choice for those looking for a true memory foam feel


Our Full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bedding is an established company in the mattress market and has been around many years. It’s great to be able to buy a mattress from a company you can trust. This Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress review will look at one of the best mattresses they offer. This is a full early review of all the features and benefits of the bed and analysis of numerous Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress reviews from real customers like you. Check back soon for even more details in our hands-on review.

Before making an investment in a mattress, you’ll want to know details that are difficult to know without seeing the mattress in person. Luckily, this Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress review will have all the details you need including the costs, comfort-levels, how it’s made, and even a few bonuses thrown in. We’ll make sure you’ll have all the information to make an intelligent and thought out buying decision!


Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Cost and Mattress Models

A great value for a comfortable mattress.

One of the most important parts of a buying a mattress is the price. You could be looking at the perfect mattress for you, but if it’s way overpriced then it’s not worth it anymore. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress cost starts at $450 for the Twin and goes up to a reasonable $900 for the California King. Here are the full details on the Brooklyn Bedding Signature cost for each size:

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38” x 75” x 10” $450
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 10” $500
Full 54” x 75” x 10” $650
Queen 60” x 80” x 10” $800
King 76” x 80” x 10” $900
California King 72” x 84” x 10” $900

Overall, this is a great mattress for the money.


Composition: How it’s Made

Hybrid mattress delivers the best of both worlds.

This Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take a look inside the mattress. The mattress is a hybrid and is made up three separate layers. One key layer is the proprietary TitanFlex foam. Within this layer is TitaniumGel, which is designed to cool you down while sleeping, which makes it a great cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

The TitanFlex foam has a latex-like feel and provides a great bounce to the bed. After that, there’s a layer of foam that acts as a transition between the TitanFlex foam and pocketed coils. This hybrid combination of layers is what delivers the high comfort levels of the mattress.


How Comfortable is a Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress?

Incredibly comfortable with multiple options for all types of sleepers.

The design of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress makes it incredibly comfortable to sleep on. At 10 inches, the mattress is an ideal thickness for comfort. Plus, you can choose the exact firmness level based on your preference. There are three options: soft, medium, and firm. This makes it a viable option for any type of preference.

The mattress isn’t made out of latex, but the TitanFlex foam has a latex feel due to the responsiveness and bounce. Lower down in the mattress, the pocketed coils are there to add additional support. Overall, this helps the mattress hit a great blend of all the top characteristics in latex, innerspring, or foam mattress. That’s why the hybrid design is ideal.

Additionally, the layer contours well to you while you sleep. This can aid very well in pressure relief, which makes it a great mattress for those aches and pains.

When you look at the different firmness option, the soft version is likely going to be best for side sleepers. The medium version is great for those who don’t have much of a preference or if you’re looking for a compromise with your spouse. The firm option is ideal for back or stomach sleepers and any heavier individuals.

If you’re already set on a certain firmness level, you can learn more about your options in our best soft mattresses and best firm mattresses guide.


“Mattress Magic”: Is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress a Good Bed for Sex?

Hybrid mattress delivers comfort with just the right amount of bounce.

This might not be your first question, but it’s definitely something you’d want to think about ahead of time. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress is a great mattress for sex due to the optimal level of bounce it provides. Also, the foam on the mattress is great for limiting motion transfer. This makes it an even better mattress for couples, because you can move around or get out of bed and not disrupt your partner.


Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Free Trial

Try the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress risk free for about four months.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress has an impressively long risk-free trial that lasts 120 days. That means you can purchase the mattress and try it out for just about four months to decide if you like it. After those four months, if you decide to stick with it Brooklyn Bedding continues to stand by their product and offers a 10-year warranty.


Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Coupon Code

A Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress coupon code is a great way to save some money. You can head to the Brooklyn Bedding site to get the mattress at an even greater value. The starting price of $450 makes this a great deal for a hybrid mattress that offers some of the best features of high-end mattresses.


Conclusions: Who is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Best Suited for?

Best for someone looking for a specific comfort level at a great value.

One of the best parts of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress is you have several firmness-level options. This means you can get a great mattress for a great value that is exactly the comfort level you’re looking for. Plus, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress cost is reasonable, especially when you factor in the 120-night risk-free trial!

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