Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review 2018: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

brooklyn bedding aurora mattress review

Quick Take: Our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review will look at all of the features that make the Aurora a truly luxurious mattress. The TitanCool technology will ensure your mattress sleeps cool and draws the heat away from you when you’re on the bed. The other included foams focus on comfort and pressure relief. When you put it altogether with a 4-month risk-free trial, this is a great choice for a new mattress.


  • A true luxury mattress loaded with features
  • TitanCool technology draws heat away from the body, keeping the sleeper cool all night
  • TitanFlex foam adjusts to the sleeper and offers excellent pressure relief
  • An established company with a proven track record of quality
  • 120-night risk-free trial



  • As a luxury mattress, it may be too costly for some


Our Full Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

In a lot of Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress reviews, you’re going to see the word luxury used quite a bit. The reason for that is because this is one of the most feature-driven luxury mattresses on the market. This is one of the higher end bed-in-a-box mattresses out there right now. For the shopper, this may mean a higher Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress cost, but it also means that your mattress goes above and beyond, offering things that other mattresses don’t.

Every Brooklyn Bedding mattress is made in the USA using the best quality materials that are available. To ensure that every customer is satisfied each bed comes with added protection. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress cost is backed by a 4-month no-risk trial that equals a full refund if you’re not happy with your mattress. Each mattress also comes with a decade long warranty in case of defects or other problems.

This is a full early review of all the features and benefits of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and analysis of numerous Aurora mattress reviews from real customers like you. Check back soon for even more details in our hands-on review.


Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Cost and Mattress Models

A fair price for a luxury mattress from a leader in the mattress industry

Every Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review should list details about the price. This might be a negative for some, as it is on the higher end of the scale. However, when you consider the amount of years you own your mattress, the price really doesn’t seem so bad. You’re also protected with a warranty and the risk-free trial, which is an added plus. At the end of the day, it’s not unheard of to pay more than $2,000 for a luxury mattress. The difference is that with this mattress you’re paying a little less and you’re getting something made in the USA that is made with the highest quality materials. It even comes with free shipping!

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” x 75” x 13.5” $999
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 13.5” $1,199
Full 54” x 75” x 13.5” $1,499
Queen 60” x 80” x 13.5” $1,699
King 76” x 80” x 13.5” $1,999
California King 72” x 84” x 13.5” $1,999

Try Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora risk free for 120 nights!

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Composition: How it’s Made

The best materials are used to make a comforting & cool mattress

Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora is a hybrid mattress. That means that you get the best from the foam mattress world and mix it with the best of innerspring mattresses. The result is something that is often responsive, bouncy, and better able to target your aches and pains. When you receive your mattress, it will be compressed in a box. It’s easiest to use two people to move the bed in place, though it can be done with one person.  Once you’ve positioned your mattress you can cut away the plastic and your mattress will fully expand.

The Aurora is made of five specific layers that when put together make a 13.5” mattress. The first layer is 1.5” of copper gel Energex with Titancool. This layer is all about helping you to stay cool at night. As far as cooling mattresses go, this layer draws excess heat from your body and helps each sleeper sleep without overheating. The addition of copper makes things antibacterial, as well.

Next up is 2” of Titanflex. This section adds a comfort layer that is made of hyper-elastic foam. It offers an immediate response (bounce back) and adjusts to your body as you move. The third layer is 1” of swirl visco-elastic memory foam. This layer offers a noticeable amount of compression support, especially for heavier sleepers.

The fourth layer brings in 8” of quantum edge pocketed coils. Each mattress contains 1,283 pocketed coils that will allow for more reactivity, improved motion isolation, and ensure you deal with less sleep disturbance at night. The final layer is 1” of base support foam. This layer is your high-density foundation foam.


How Comfortable is a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

The ability to choose your firmness will up the comfort for many sleepers

Often firmness is a matter of opinion. What feels comfortable for some may be way too firm for others. A downside of many foam mattresses are that they come in one firmness level. Brooklyn Bedding wanted to create a bed for all sleepers and part of that is allowing you to choose the firmness you require. With this in mind, each mattress can be Soft, Medium, or Firm depending on your needs.

  • Firmness: The firmness of your Brooklyn Bedding mattress will depend on you. You can choose between soft, medium, or firm with each mattress purchase. Brooklyn Bedding offers a tool to determine what firmness you should choose, but some good rules of thumb are that heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers may need a firmer mattress while side sleepers might want something softer or medium firm.
  • Sinkage: Sinkage often depends on a number of factors. When it comes to the Aurora, there isn’t much sinkage to consider. Thanks to the hybrid design, the pocketed coils go a long way in offering a supportive sleep surface.
  • Motion Transfer: Many foam mattresses are able to isolate motion. The Aurora also contains over 1,000 pocketed coils and they help isolate motion, as well. Putting the two together means you should rarely if ever be woken up because someone was tossing and turning next to you.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress a Good Bed for Sex?

The hyper-elastic foam adjusts as you move and offers immediate response

If you’re a part of a couple, a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress wouldn’t be a bad choice. This mattress has a nice bounce and it responds to your movement immediately. This gives you the feel that your mattress moves when you move. This is a positive as you’re not going to be fighting to move against your mattress. This alone, when coupled with things like the cooler sleep surface make this a great mattress for sex.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Free Trial

4 risk-free months are available with every new purchase

Every Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress comes with a four-month risk-free trial. What that means is that you can sleep on your new mattress and really get to know everything about it. Ultimately, you have four months to change your mind and decide that Brooklyn Bedding isn’t for you. If you determine it’s not for you, just contact Brooklyn Bedding. They will arrange pickup of your mattress and you’ll get your money back!


Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Coupon Code

A coupon code may be available and will help you save money

If you are in need of a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress coupon code, you’re in the right spot. The best place to find out if Brooklyn Bedding is having any specials or has any available Brooklyn Bedding Aurora coupon codes is either our coupons page or the Brooklyn Bedding website. Coupon codes will be prominently listed when you visit the site, so you know what’s available and how much you can save.


Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Reviews: What are Others Saying?

It’s natural if you’re still not sure whether a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is worth the purchase. You should definitely seek out other Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress reviews to see what others are saying. In fact, here are some reviews from verified purchasers.

“Was looking for hybrid soft mattress for mainly side sleeper with materials that allowed for cooler sleeping. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora soft hits every point and is extremely comfortable. Have been sleeping on it for a couple weeks and can honestly say this is one of the best beds I’ve ever slept on. Highly recommend.” – Tara O.

“Ordering and delivery were outstanding. I love the mattress, a medium, but I weigh 275 pounds and think I might need a firm. I will sleep on it for a few more weeks before deciding.” – Roger M.

“The firm mattress for us, is just the right amount of firm yet plush. The mattress is also the coldest sleeping mattress we have ever slept on. Everything seems like really great quality.” – Adam H.


Conclusions: Who is the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Best Suited For?

Anyone looking for a true luxury mattress should appreciate this USA-made option

Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping, free returns, a risk-free trial, and a good warranty. This doesn’t include the frequent sales and Brooklyn Bedding Aurora coupon codes they offer. None of this would matter if the mattress wasn’t any good. Luckily, it’s worth all the praise it has received. You can expect that this Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress will keep you cool, comfortable, and pain-free all night long.

Try Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora risk free for 120 nights!

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