Bear Mattress Review 2018: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

bear mattress review

Quick Take: Bear mattresses offer comfort, cooling, and the promise of pressure relief. In the quest to create the perfect bed, you’ll enjoy increased focus and a faster recovery time when you find your slumber on a Bear mattress. Keep reading our Bear mattress review to learn more about these unique benefits. You’ll also learn about the Bear mattress price, warranty, shipping policy, and many other things!


  • Designed for recovery for athletes and active individuals
  • Innovative technology in every layer of this mattress
  • Sleeps very cool
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Affordably priced



  • May be too firm for those who like a really soft mattress


Our Full Bear Mattress Review

Bear mattresses claim to offer four layers that were made to enhance cooling, contouring, and comfort. In turn, the mattress would offer pressure relief, so you can heal faster and sleep better. To do this, Bear called on experts to design a mattress that would be comfortable no matter your age, size, or sleep position. Naturally, no one can please everyone, but if you look at the majority of Bear mattress reviews, they come pretty close. Ultimately, a Bear mattress will work for any sleep position, but if you want something that is on the softer end, Bear might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you find you deal with a lot of pain or are an athlete, Bear may be what you’re looking for. Thanks to the use of Celliant technology, Bear mattresses are recommended for athletes as they will heal at a faster rate and they will have more energy. If you’re worried about the mattress smell that sometimes comes with a bed-in-a-box mattress, you’ll be glad to know it’s gone within a day and it’s pretty faint even when it’s there. You’ll learn in the following Bear mattress review that this mattress might not be for everyone, but for those who decide to take the leap, there is a lot to love.


Bear Mattress Price and Mattress Models

If you need an affordable price the Bear Mattress cost has you in mind

Affordable is one way to describe the Bear mattress price. The prices listed below are what’s available before any discounts or the option of a Bear mattress coupon code. Financing is available if you can’t afford the Bear mattress cost in one payment. You don’t have to worry about shipping costs as each Bear mattress ships free within 7 business days!


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 75” x 39” x 10” $540
Twin XL 80” x 39” x 10” $640
Full 75” x 54” x 10” $740
Queen 80” x 60” x 10” $840
King 80” x 76” x 10” $940
California King 84” x 72” x 10” $940


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Composition: How it’s Made

Four eco-friendly layers specializing in pressure relief and cooling

Before we find out what’s inside a Bear mattress, you need to look at the cover. This cover is the beginning of your Bear mattress experience. The Bear cover is Celliant woven. What that means is that the cover will redirect your body’s energy back to you, which means you’ll recover faster, have more energy, and experience a more focused performance. Once you’re under the cover, Bear is made of four layers. The top three layers focus on everything from cooling to comfort and the fourth layer is the foundation.

Things start with a 1” layer of Cooling Gel memory foam. This top layer is known for its ability to be responsive and adapt to your body as you move. You’ll notice you get a lot of support from this layer. Added comfort is also in this top layer. Thanks to the gel infused into the memory foam, you’ll also notice that you get a cooler sleep at night.

Next up are the Responsive Transition layers. There are two of these layers. The first one is 1.5” and the second adds a 1” layer. These layers add the bounce in your mattress. They are also responsible for the pressure mapping, which ensures that your spine remains aligned. This means less pain at night and when you wake up.

Finally, you have the foundation. It’s important to have a good foundation because this is the core of your mattress. The foundation on a Bear mattress is 6.5”. This layer is made of high density support foam. This is going to ensure the mattress is durable for years to come and it strengthens the overall feel of the mattress.

Every mattress comes complete with a 10-year warranty. Bear also offers free shipping and risk-free returns. They also give a portion of every mattress they sell to Good Sports, a charity that brings sports to children of all ability levels.


How Comfortable is a Bear Mattress?

This medium firm mattress offers comfort and pressure relief

From the cover down to the foundation, Bear mattresses are all about providing you with the comfort you need to sleep well every night. This means you’ll sleep cooler and your mattress will offer you the perfect blend of firmness and softness, so you’re comforted without sinking into your mattress. You know what Bear is made of,  so now let’s look at how it possibly performs in terms of feel and responsiveness.

  • Firmness: On a ten-scale, Bear falls to about a 6 or a 7. It’s medium firm but falls a little more towards the firmer side of things. Many users report that it feels both firm and soft, depending on the area of the bed. Basically, you can expect your Bear mattress to cradle you gently without allowing you to sink into the bed, like a softer mattress might.
  • Sinkage: Thanks to the fact that this is a medium-firm mattress that sits on the firmer end of the scale, you shouldn’t notice much in the way of sinking. Every mattress is going to offer a little sinkage, but this is minimal. Keep in mind, sinkage also relies on weight, so the heavier the sleeper, the more sinkage you’ll see.
  • Motion Transfer: The all-foam construction allows a lot of motion you’d feel to be isolated. This means that if you sleep with someone, you won’t have to worry about feeling them move or waking them if you move. This makes it a good choice for couples because the mattress will feel relatively still even if someone is tossing and turning.

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“Mattress Magic”: Is the Bear Mattress a Good Bed for Sex?

A combination of layers offers performance, comfort, and rapid response

When you move, your Bear mattress responds quickly enough that it feels like it’s moving with you. The top foam layer offers a quick response, so the mattress adapts to your movements, as you’re moving. This layer also aids in keeping the mattress nice and cool, which will prevent you from getting too hot. Meanwhile, the middle layers of the mattress offer the proper amount of bounce. The entire mattress is firm enough to prevent sinking, but soft enough to give you the comfort you’ll undoubtedly want. All in all, Bear is great for sleeping and plenty of other activities.

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Bear Mattress Risk Free Trial

100 risk-free nights come with each Bear mattress

You can read this Bear mattress review and others, but we can’t tell you how you will feel when you sleep on a Bear mattress. It’s natural to be apprehensive about buying a Bear for that reason. Bear knows that, too. This is why they give you a chance to test the bed with no risk to you. Once you’ve purchased the mattress and received it, you’ll have 100 risk-free nights of ownership. You can sleep on the mattress for those first 100-nights and if you determine that it’s not everything it should be or that you can’t sleep well, you can get your money back! If it comes to that you can call Bear’s customer service and they will arrange for mattress pick up. After the mattress is taken, you’ll get a full refund, permitted you send it back in those first 100 days.


Bear Mattress Coupon Code

One way to lower your price is by using a Bear mattress coupon code. Occasionally there may be a sale where a Bear mattress coupon code is not required. In either case, you can find the current offers on the Bear mattress website. You can usually find coupon codes and other deals located around the top of the website. Wherever it is listed it should be prominently placed so you don’t miss it!


Bear Mattress Reviews: What are Others Saying?

The following Bear mattress reviews have been created by customers that have been verified. This gives you a chance to find out how people that have owned a Bear bed for a while really feel. Remember, there is no need to be nervous about feeling uncertain even after reading your share of Bear mattress reviews. This is why there’s a risk-free trial available when you buy a Bear mattress. This gives you the chance to sample the mattress and still have the protection to know you can send it back and get a refund if need be.

“This a great bed for the price. Was hesitant about it being a medium firmness but love how it feels. The foam feels soft but also firm at the same time! Really happy with this purchase.” – Courtney


“My wife and I have had our Bear mattress for about 5 months. Super easy to unpackage and open. Great quality, very minimal ‘new’ smell. So supportive while also being soft. Contours body well. It took both my wife and I a week or two to really adjust from our old mattress. Since then we’ve LOVED our BEAR mattress. Very comforting and relaxing.” – Nicholas


“Ordering was easy, shipment was very fast, condition of mattress was perfect when unpacked (it self-inflated in a few minutes) and sleep has been restful ever since. The only problem we had was getting our big old mattress out the door! Thanks for a good product.” – Frank

Conclusions: Who is the Bear Mattress Best Suited For?

Sleepers that want a medium mattress suitable for all sleep positions

Bear offers a hassle-free experience. Ordering one of their mattresses is simple and it will arrive to you, shipped free, usually within a week. Setup takes a matter of minutes and your mattress should work for you no matter your size or your sleep position. Bear mattresses allow you to sleep cool and to benefit from their pressure relief and added core support. For a reasonably priced mattress, Bear feels like a luxury mattress. Don’t forget you also receive a risk-free trial, so you really have nothing to lose.

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