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As more and more mail-order mattress companies begin to disrupt the retail mattress industry, some of the established names in mattress sales and other sleep products are finding ways to keep up and stay relevant in a quickly-changing marketplace. To that end, Mattress Firm is rolling out their new online mattress brand, called Tulo. Tulo is (somehow) targeted at the millennial generation in the vague way every product these days is. Because they have the advantage of having thousands of retail stores, Mattress Firm has the unique opportunity to target online bed-in-a-box shoppers with their new brand while still allowing mattress shoppers to come by and try out their Tulo mattresses in person.

Sunni Goodman, a spokeswoman for Mattress Firm, told Bloomberg that their approach to launching and marketing the new Tulo mattresses is based on a combination of the success of both online brands like Casper and their own Dream Bed products:

We used the Dream Bed to learn what customers want. We decided to roll out a new brand to speak to a younger, more digital native audience that would still like to come in the store and try it out. We discovered that the real trend in retail is an intersect between online and brick and mortar. Other retailers obviously don’t have the footprint we have to allow customers to come in and try the bed before they buy it.

So…you want people to come in your store and try your mattress, then go home and order it online and pay for shipping? Sure, go for it. At any rate, the Tulo mattresses will come in three different stiffness levels (soft, medium and firm) and will be priced between $575 and $950. Tulo mattresses can be purchased either online or in Mattress Firm retail stores. Will brick and mortar bed-in-a-box be the new wave in mattress sales, or is this an act of desperation from a company who has seen online start-ups completely upend their business model?

SleepZoo Staff

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