Purple vs Helix Mattress Comparison: 2021 Detailed Review

purple vs helix

Quick Take: It’s the battle of the Purple vs Helix mattress. Which should you choose? Honestly, you may find that there isn’t a bad option here. It’s going to come down to some type of personal preference based on the mattress options that are available. For example, Purple works for sleepers that want a bouncier mattress that feels more like latex. On the other hand, Helix would be best for someone that wants a customizable hybrid mattress. Both mattresses offer positives that will suit many sleepers. So, we’ve created this Purple Helix mattress comparison to help you compare the two brands.

Purple is best for sleepers who:

  • Sleep very hot and need a very cool mattress
  • Want a mattress with good bounce
  • Don’t like the feel of memory foam

Helix is best for sleepers who:

  • Want a fully customizable mattress
  • Prefer a hybrid (foam and coils) mattress
  • Have unique sleeping preferences

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Our Full Purple vs Helix Mattress Comparison

For some, this Helix vs Purple mattress review is going to come down to whether you want a custom mattress, or you want something that is identical to what other shoppers have been buying and loving for years. Both mattress brands have loyal followers and plenty of reasons to consider owning a mattress of your own. If you’ve been looking for a new mattress and you’re familiar with online brands, Purple and Helix should be familiar names to you. Both brands have thousands of satisfied customers, are easy to setup, and have fair return policies should it come to that.

In both cases your mattress will arrive at your door in a box. The mattress is compressed, which makes it lighter and easier to handle. As long as you bring the box to the place you want your mattress set up, the process is a breeze. Just line up the mattress where you want it and remove it from the plastic, so it can expand. From there, whichever mattress you choose is ready to go. Additionally, buying online means that you have a chance to save money. Online retailers cut out the middle man and offer lower prices as a result.

So, if you’re stuck between these two popular brands, this Helix vs Purple mattress comparison is here to help. You’ll have a side by side comparison of pricing, mattress construction, risk-free trials, warranties, and all of the other details that are necessary to make an informed purchase.


Purple vs Helix Mattress: Construction

Helix offers a custom hybrid mattress while Purple offers a single style

Purple is made with a unique form of hyper-elastic polymer. The top layer of the mattress is constructed in the style of a grid. Formed in columns, these columns are what is supporting you during sleep. This layer is 2 inches thick. This polymer is highly responsive, and it adapts to your movements. It also helps your body to remain aligned properly, which will relieve pressure and prevent you from dealing with aches and pains. The second layer is made of 3.5 inches of poly foam. This layer adds more support and serves as a transition layer between the smart grid and the base foundation. The base layer is four inches of poly foam that serves as the foundation of the mattress.

Every Helix mattress is 10 inches thick. While every mattress is a hybrid mattress, made of foam and pocketed coils, the specific construction will vary from mattress to mattress. Before you purchase a mattress, you’re given a sleep quiz that allows you to create the perfect mattress for you. This determines the thickness and position of each layer of your specific mattress. The quiz is meant to ensure that you have the bed that’s going to give you the best sleep possible.

Every Helix mattress contains pocketed micro-coils, Helix dynamic foam, a high-density support foam base layer, and a transitional layer of poly foam. The thickness of this layer is specific based on your sleep quiz, but all layers are there in every mattress. Dynamic foam has the feel of latex, which offers a bouncier surface and added support. This layer also serves to keep you cooler at night. The micro-coils are here to add more comfort, support, and an added defense against aches and pains. The poly foam works not only as a transitional layer, but also to provide compression support. Finally, you’ve got the foundation which provides the durable support needed to keep your mattress together.

Both the Purple and Helix mattresses work with most sleep positions. You can sleep on your back or your stomach. You can even be a side sleeper. Your position doesn’t matter and should work fine on either mattress.


Helix vs Purple Mattress: Firmness

Helix offers a custom firmness for every mattress while Purple is medium-firm

When it comes to firmness, Helix is custom designed. This means that once you take your sleep quiz your firmness will be determined by things like any health conditions you have and your sleep position. For instance, if you say you’re a stomach sleeper, it’s likely that Helix will recommend a firmer mattress as that’s best based on your sleep position. If you sleep with someone else, the larger mattresses can be custom designed with you both in mind. This gives you a chance to create a mattress that is the best option for your individual situation.

The best way to describe Purple mattresses would be medium-firm. Many sleepers describe Purple as being a 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness. This means that it will be firmer as opposed to softer. Still, the Purple does offer a little give that you’re not going to find in an extremely firm mattress. While edging towards the firmer mattresses, Purple still cradles you at your hips, shoulders, and in the areas where your body needs the most support. This makes Purple a good choice for a range of sleep positions because it’s firm enough to support a stomach sleeper and comfortable enough to support someone sleeping on their side.

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Purple vs Helix Mattress: Motion Transfer

In this Purple Helix comparison both brands excel at limiting motion

Tossing and turning can be a big problem for some. If you’re sleeping next to someone and can’t stay still it could mean that you keep waking them up. It can also signify that you’re uncomfortable when you sleep. Purple will ease your pain, which may mean that you toss and turn less through the night. Even if you do roll around a bit, you’ll find that the motion is limited thanks to the energy absorption into the foam. Basically, if you move, you won’t feel it on the surface. So, even if you move around some, no one has to be bothered by it.

Helix is similar to Purple in this area. Motion transfer is isolated so even if you’re tossing or your partner is turning, no one has to be disturbed. You might find that this isn’t a worry for you with a Helix because your sleep quiz can zero in on what is causing you pain and help to reduce it so that you don’t have to move around as much. Either way, you’re protected against a mattress that wakes you with each movement.

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Purple Helix Comparison: Price

Both Purple and Helix offer similar price options

Where price is concerned, both Purple and Helix offer similar options. If you can afford one brand, you shouldn’t have a problem affording the other. The difference in price works out to be just about $50 between the King for the Purple and the Helix. One other difference is that if you’re looking for a smaller mattress, Purple does not offer a Twin mattress. They do have a Twin XL, but the smaller version is not available. Purple does come in all other sizes though.

In either case you’re looking at a maximum of between $600 and $1,300, depending on the mattress size you need. You’re unlikely to find a luxury mattress at a better price, especially if you’re choosing one that’s made for you. If you need a deal on pricing, financing is available, or you could check for available coupon codes and save money that way!


Sizes Purple Mattress Price Helix Mattress Price
Twin N/A $600
Twin XL $699 $700
Full $899 $850
Queen $999 $995
King $1,299 $1,245
California King $1,299 $1,245



Helix vs Purple Mattress: Trials and Warranty

Similar risk-free trials and warranties are offered by Helix and Purple

The benefit to buying a mattress online is that you get a better chance to try it out. As a way to stand behind their products, mattress retailers online offer a no-risk trial. This gives you a chance to get your money back if you find you don’t like your mattress. Helix requests that you sleep on your mattress for a month, but you have 100-nights to get a full refund. So, if you realize you aren’t happy with Helix, from day 31 to 100 you can request and receive your money back. If you keep your mattress you have a limited 10-year warranty that protects you against any possible flaws.

Purple has a deal that’s almost exactly the same. You receive a 100-night risk-free trial with every mattress! Purple will personally handle the pickup of your mattress if you want to return it. You’ll also get your money back. If you keep it, you’ll have the protection of a warranty that lasts ten years. Remember, buying a mattress on Amazon will often reduce the risk-free trial. Usually, the trial goes from 100-nights to just 30-nights. However, in some cases it removes it altogether. For this reason, we recommend buying straight from the source, be it Helix or Purple.


Conclusion: What Mattress Should I Buy?

It all depends on if you want a customized bed or something tried and tested

These are both excellent options. Both mattresses will suit most sleep styles and would be a great option for anyone. With the price being close no matter which mattress you choose, the decision rests in whether or not you want a mattress that is custom designed. If so, Helix is going to be the best option for you. If you’d rather go with a mattress that is standard and you get no surprises, Purple is your choice.


Buy a Purple If:

  • You want something bigger than a Twin bed
  • You’d prefer a medium-firm mattress
  • You like the feel of a cool mattress


Buy a Helix If:

  • You want a custom mattress
  • You don’t mind taking a sleep quiz
  • You’d prefer a hybrid mattress with foam and coils


Features Purple Helix
Cooling Yes Yes
Firmness 6/10 Unique firmness based on sleep quiz
Height 9.5” 10”
Made in the USA Yes Yes
Materials Hyper-Elastic Polymer & added Poly foams 4 layers – a mix of micro-coils and foam-based layers
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Risk-Free Trial 100 Nights 100 Nights
Shipping Free Shipping in the lower 48 States Free Shipping in North America
Sinkage Minimal Minimal
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years

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