Leesa vs Helix Mattress Comparison: 2021 Detailed Review

leesa vs helix

Quick Take: In a Leesa vs Helix mattress comparison, it may come down to whether or not you’d prefer a custom mattress. If you’re more interested in something that thousands of people have tried and tested, Leesa might the what you need. But if you have unique preferences and want a custom-built mattress, Helix is your best option. This Leesa Helix comparison will look at many options, beyond the customization that is possible with Helix. Other areas that will be touched on will include motion transfer, firmness, pricing, and a comparison of the available risk-free trials.

Leesa is best for sleepers who:

  • Want an amazing value
  • Have average sleep preferences that don’t require a custom mattress
  • Prefer an all foam mattress


Helix is best for sleepers who:

  • Share a bed with a partner who has different firmness preferences
  • Want a custom mattress
  • Prefer a little extra bounce in their mattress

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Our Full Leesa vs Helix Comparison

There are plenty of good things to be said about both Leesa and Helix, but for many sleepers it’s going to come down to whether you want a mattress with thousands of reviews or you want something that is built unique for you. Leesa has been tried by thousands with thousands of positive reviews. Helix also has thousands of reviews, but their mattresses are made custom based on a sleep quiz for every single sleeper. Some models can even cater to couples by allowing you and your partner to take the sleep quiz so that they can craft a mattress suited for you both. No matter how many positives offered, if you’re not interested in a custom mattress, Helix won’t be for you. Likewise, if all you want is a custom mattress, Leesa won’t be right for you.

The rest of this Leesa vs Helix mattress comparison will look at customization, but also all of the other details that will help you learn more about these two mattress options. For example, if you want to buy a mattress from a socially conscious company, Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold. Thousands of mattresses have been donated to homeless shelters and others in need. If you want to learn more, keep reading to find details on pricing, warranties, firmness, and more in this Leesa Helix comparison.


Leesa vs Helix Mattress: Construction

Each Leesa mattress is all foam while Helix is a hybrid mattress that’s customizable


Leesa mattresses are what’s known as a one-size-fits-most mattress. This means that they have done everything they could to create a mattress that works for the most people possible. All Leesa mattresses are made of three foam layers. Things start with 2” of Avena foam, which is a patented latex foam offering comfort, bounce, durability, and cooling. Memory foam makes the next 2” layer. This means you’ll have additional support, pressure relief, and a nice cradle to your body. A 6” high density support foam serves as the foundation of every Leesa. This keeps your mattress stable and ensures that it will last.

Both Helix and Leesa are both 10” mattresses. That’s about where the similarities end when you’re looking at construction. Helix is a hybrid mattress and each construction is slightly different. Before purchasing a mattress, you’re given a sleep quiz. That information is used to craft your mattress. The details will determine how your mattress layers appear in the bed and also how thick or dense each layer is. This quiz will also determine how firm your mattress should be, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Each Helix will include Helix dynamic foam, pocketed micro coils, a transitional poly foam support layer, and a high-density base of support foam. The dynamic foam gives you a feel similar to latex, as it has a bouncier feel to it, but it’s also supportive and will help to keep your mattress cool. The coils are all about adding comfort and pressure relief. The poly foam helps with compression support and the foundation is the glue that holds your mattress together for years to come.


Helix vs Leesa Mattress: Firmness

Leesa is medium-firm and Helix is designed just for you


Helix is customized for every sleeper. This includes the area of firmness. Once you take your sleep quiz, Helix will have a better idea of what kind of mattress firmness you’ll need. Your quiz will include questions that assess whether you’re a back sleeper or if you sleep on your stomach or in another position. It’s important to know your sleep position to determine how your mattress should be. They ask other questions to craft a complete mattress. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

On the other hand, Leesa is a medium-firm, leaning to the softer side. Out of 10, Leesa would be about a 5.5. This provides a mattress that offers a softness to it, while also being firm enough to provide a comfortable sleep surface that you won’t sink into. Based on the firmness, most sleep positions are possible on a Leesa.

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Helix vs Leesa Mattress: Motion Transfer

Helix and Leesa offer great motion isolation


While your Helix mattress is customized, one thing you shouldn’t have to deal with is motion transfer. Motion transfer is the amount of motion you feel when someone moves on the bed. For instance, motion transfer occurs if you roll over and your partner wakes up as a result. This isn’t an issue you should have to deal with. You should be able to get out of bed and not bother the person asleep next to you. Motion transfer tends to be the worst on an innerspring mattress, but as Helix is a hybrid, the foam layers isolate the motion making sure that you don’t have to deal with it!

Like Helix, Leesa also handles motion transfer with ease. As Leesa is a full foam mattress, the motion energy is trapped by the foam so that you don’t have to deal with it. Tossing and turning isn’t going to bother anyone on this mattress. That said, many report moving less thanks to feeling less aches and pains. People tend to move less if they feel better and are comfortable on their mattress. Still, in the event that you move in your sleep, with Leesa it shouldn’t be felt.

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Leesa Helix Comparison: Price

A Leesa mattress is cheaper, but you aren’t able to customize it


Leesa is a great option if you want a high-end mattress but don’t have a lot of money to spend. You can get a King mattress for under $1,100. A Twin mattress is available for under $600. If you’re going off of price alone, Leesa is going to be the option you choose. However, if you want customization, you’re not going to get any. Leesa is excellent for no-fuss sleepers that are happy with getting something that has been tested and is the same for everyone.

You’re going to pay a little extra for Helix, but you’re also getting something that is unique to you. Your bed is fully customized, using high quality foams and coils and you’re still getting it for anywhere from $600 to $1,250, depending on the size you choose. This means that you can get a mattress that is fully customized for you at a cheaper price than many luxury mattresses.


Sizes Leesa Mattress Price Helix Mattress Price
Twin $525 $600
Twin XL $625 $700
Full $790 $850
Queen $940 $995
King $1,070 $1,245
California King $1,070 $1,245



Leesa vs Helix Mattress: Trials and Warranty

Both options offer a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty


Leesa mattresses come with a 100-night risk-free trial. You pay for your mattress like you normally would, but if you’re unhappy, you can return it and get a full refund. Customer service will even arrange for your mattress to be picked up and will donate it to someone in need, if possible. Keeping the mattress means you’ll have a 10-year warranty that protects you against any flaws or defects in your mattress.

You’ll find similar deals at Helix. Even though your mattress is customized to your preferences, if you don’t like it, Helix gives you 100-nights to figure it out. You can send your mattress back if it doesn’t work and you’ll get your money back. Helix does ask that you sleep on your mattress for at least one month before you make the decision to return the mattress. After that, from day 31 until day 100, you can return it, risk-free. The warranty offered is a similar 10-year limited warranty.


Conclusion: What Mattress Should I Buy?

It all depends on whether you’re buying for price or customization


Both options here are good ones. There isn’t a bad choice. If you want a fully customized mattress, you should consider Helix. If you’re satisfied with something that has worked for thousands of people and don’t have specific sleep needs that require customization, choose Leesa.


Buy a Leesa If:

  • You’d like to spend less
  • You prefer foam mattresses
  • You want a mattress that requires no customization


Buy a Helix If:

  • You’d like to customize your mattress
  • You like foam/coil hybrid mattresses
  • You want to design your mattress based off a sleep quiz



Features Leesa Helix
Cooling Yes Yes
Firmness 5.5 out of 10 Unique firmness based on sleep quiz
Height 10” 10”
Made in the USA Yes Yes
Materials Avena and Memory foams 4 layers – a mix of microcoils and foam layers
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Risk-Free Trial 100 Nights 100 Nights
Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping to US and Canada
Sinkage Minimal Minimal
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years


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