Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison: 2021 Detailed Review

casper vs purple

Quick Take: There are hundreds of bed-in-a-box mattresses, but Casper and Purple are arguably the two biggest brands. Here we look at the Casper vs Purple mattress to determine which is right for you. While both mattresses are medium, the Casper is the slightly firmer of the two and the more budget-friendly option. While Purple offers a truly one-of-a-kind mattress that’s great for hot sleepers. In this Casper Purple comparison, we’ll look at price, comfort, firmness, and everything else you’ll need to know to choose the right mattress for you!

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Casper is best for sleepers who:

  • Prefer a memory foam feel
  • Want something slightly firmer than the Purple
  • Want something a little cheaper than Purple

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Purple is best for sleepers who:

  • Get hot at night and need a very cool mattress
  • Want a mattress with a bit of bounce
  • Don’t like the feel of memory foam

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Our Full Casper vs Purple Comparison

If you think your local mattress showroom has plenty of beds to choose from, you’d be shocked to see the number of online retailers there are. Hundreds of options are available and all of them are offering competitive pricing, risk-free trials, and other perks to get the customers purchasing them. The downside many see is that you can’t try the bed before buying (that’s what the risk-free trial is for) and there are so many that it’s hard to know which to choose.

If you’re problem is the latter, this article is for you! This is a comparison for the Casper and Purple mattresses. If you’re interested in both mattresses and aren’t sure which would be good for you, this article should be able to help. We’ll look at the materials the beds are made of, how comfortable and firm they are, how much they cost, and numerous other factors to help you figure out the right choice for you!


Casper vs Purple Mattress: Construction

Both Casper and Purple use a variety of foams to create the best mattress

Casper is made of four complete foam layers. First you’ve got 1.5” of responsive poly foam. Next up is 1.5” of memory foam. This is followed by 1.5” of poly foam. Finally, you have the final 5” of support foam. In terms of a hybrid foam mattress, Casper excels by offering excellent cooling and added comfort along with a high level of support and contouring.

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Purple starts with 2” of Hyper-Elastic Polymer in a Smart Comfort grid. The middle layer is made of 3.5” of dense poly foam. The final base layer is 4” of dense poly foam. This final layer is your foundation and it makes it possible for the bed to properly support the other layers and you. Purple offers excellent pain relief and pressure relief thanks to the top layer. You will also notice that your mattress remains cool and that it’s both responsive and comfortable whether you’re a stomach sleeper or you sleep on your side.

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Purple vs Casper Mattress: Firmness

Casper wins the title of the firmer mattress, but not by much

Purple is a medium-firm mattress. Most people will tell you that means that while firm, there is also a softness to it. On a ten scale, Purple falls in at around a six. You could say this places it on the firmer end, though it’s still got some softness to it. Of the two options here, Purple is the softer mattress.

If Purple is a 6 out of 10, Casper would be a 6.5 or 7 on the same scale. While it is not wildly firmer than the Purple, it is a little firmer. It still cradles your body and offers a little give as it’s not extremely firm. That said, it is the firmer of the two mattresses, so if you want the firmer end of the scale, Casper would be the choice for you!

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Purple vs Casper Mattress: Motion Transfer

Motion isolation leads to a tie with both brands offering quality motion isolation

Motion transfer is excellent where Purple mattresses are concerned. The top layer of the mattress cuts down on motion transfer and the other foam layers absorb additional movement so that you won’t feel the movements of your partner and they won’t feel you.

As a hybrid foam mattress, Casper also excels where motion transfer is concerned. You will rarely feel any movement, and if you do it’s unlikely to wake you up. Many people report less tossing and turning thanks to a reduction in pain when sleeping on the Casper, but for those who still toss they don’t need to worry about anyone feeling it.

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Casper Purple Comparison: Price

While both options are fair, Casper has slightly lower prices

If you’re interested in owning a luxury mattress, you might expect to pay thousands of dollars. Casper gives you access to a luxury mattress at a fraction of this cost. When compared to Purple, the main difference in price is negligible though you will save a little money with Casper. Another difference between these two mattresses is that Casper offers a Twin bed while Purple starts at Twin XL and goes up from there.

Purple boasts that you’ll get a $5,000 bed for under $1,000 if you choose their mattress. If you’re going with a Queen that’s absolutely true. King mattresses do cost a bit more, but you’ll still get one for well under $1,500. With Purple, beds start at Twin XL and all other sizes beyond Twin are available.

Sizes Casper Mattress Price Purple Mattress Price
Twin $595 N/A
Twin XL $645 $699
Full $895 $899
Queen $995 $999
King $1,195 $1,299
California King $1,195 $1,299


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Casper vs Purple Mattress: Trials and Warranty

100 risk-free nights and a 10-year limited warranty are available

Casper offers the pretty standard option of 100-nights risk free. This gives you a chance to check out the mattress and really get a feel for what it’s like to own it in the long term. If you’re unhappy, the trial is hassle-free, so you can call Casper and they will take back your mattress and get you your money back. Beds will be donated to someone in need, if possible. Otherwise, if you keep the bed you’ll have the protection of a 10-year limited warranty.

Purple has a similar offer when it comes to hassle-free trials and warranties. Like Casper, Puple offers a 10-year limited warranty. The no-risk trial lasts for 100-nights. You’ll have 100-days to try and let Purple know if you’re unsatisfied with your mattress. If you’re unhappy they will arrange for pickup and you’ll be able to shop for another mattress. It’s as simple as that.


Conclusion: What Mattress Should I Buy?

Both Purple and Casper have purchase-worthy qualities

At the end of the day, both Casper and Purple are worth purchasing. It really comes down to the things you’re looking for in a new mattress.

Buy a Casper If:


Buy a Purple If:

  • You’re fonder of latex over memory foam
  • You want something on the softer side
  • You sleep hot and need a cooler mattress


Features Casper Purple
Cooling Yes – Open-cell foams create a cooler mattress Yes – Hyper-Elastic Polymer creates a temperature neutral sleep space
Firmness 6.5 out of 10 6 out of 10
Height 10” 9.5”
Made in the USA Yes Yes
Materials 4 Poly and Memory foam layers Hyper-Elastic Polymer & additional Poly foams
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Risk-Free Trial 100 Nights 100 Nights
Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping in the lower 48 States
Sinkage Minimal Cradling Minimal Cradling
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years

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