Casper vs Nectar Mattress Comparison: 2021 Detailed Review

casper vs nectar

Quick Take: Today we’re doing a Casper vs Nectar mattress comparison to determine which mattress offers the most value to the most sleepers. This Casper Nectar comparison will look at things like price and risk-free trial lengths, but also delve into construction, firmness, and other important details. Casper is one of the more popular bed-in-a-box brands and designed to appeal to a broad audience, and Nectar is newer but quickly gaining popularity thanks to its great price point and long risk-free trial. So, if you’re looking for a new mattress, either of these two options might be the one for you.

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Casper is best for sleepers who:

  • Have average sleeping preferences
  • Don’t like the feel of a firmer mattress
  • Want a mattress with years of research and improvements behind it

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Nectar is best for sleepers who:

  • Are on a tight budget
  • Want a slightly firmer mattress
  • Want a really long trial period

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Our Full Casper vs Nectar Mattress Comparison

When choosing a new mattress, one of the first things people usually do is read mattress reviews. This helps immediately narrow the field to make the decision easier. In the past you might have went to the local mattress showroom, sat on a mattress for a few minutes and made your decision. Your other option is a bed-in-a-box mattress.

These beds are made with quality materials and come compressed, in a box, to your door. There are hundreds of beds to choose from and though you cannot try them before you buy them, most offer risk-free trials, so you’re protected from getting stuck with a mattress you don’t want or can’t use. Once you’ve figured out a few of the mattresses you might want to consider, mattress comparisons are a good way to continue thinning your list of new potential beds.

At the end of the day, both Casper and Nectar have a lot to offer. Casper has been around for quite some time and they’ve done everything possible to create the most comfortable bed for any sleep position. Nectar is newer to the game, but they are quickly gaining popularity. Both companies excel at customer service and offer quality mattresses. So, if you’re considering a new mattress you should keep reading our Casper vs Nectar mattress comparison.


Casper vs Nectar Mattress: Construction

While Casper is hybrid foam, Nectar is all memory foam

Casper’s mattress is made of four layers. The top layer is made of 1.5” of responsive poly foam. This layer is made with open cell comfort foam that regulates heat and creates bounce. A 1.5” layer of memory foam is up next. As you might imagine, this layer promotes pressure relief. The third layer is 1.5” of poly foam. This is your transitional layer, which works as a buffer between the foundation and the comfort layers. Finally, there is a 5” layer of support foam, which serves as your foundation, providing support and additional durability.

As for Nectar, you get a foam mattress that has multiple memory foam layers. The cover is made of Tencel and cotton. It’s also quilted with gel infused memory foam. The first layer of the mattress is 1” of gel memory foam. This is a faster-responding version of memory foam. This is followed by 3” of additional memory foam. The last layer is a high-density poly foam which will support the entire mattress.

Each layer of Nectar’s mattress provides another important feature. The cover circulates air and wicks away heat from the surface while you sleep, it’s also resistant to bed bugs. The inner mattress layers contour to your body, promote circulation, and distribute your weight so you’ll feel less aches and pains.


Nectar vs Casper Mattress: Firmness

Casper comes in medium-firm while Nectar is just a bit firmer

Nectar has attempted to create a bed that works for sleepers, whether they are back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or they sleep in a combination of sleepers. While Nectar is labeled as a medium-firm mattress, it is somewhat firmer than Casper, which is also medium-firm. According to sleepers, Nectar might fall closer to a 7.5 out of 10 on the scale. It’s on the firmer end, so if that is important to you, you’ll want to consider Nectar.

Casper is also labeled as a medium-firm mattress, though it’s just a little softer than Nectar. On the same ten-scale, Casper would fall in at about a 7. Like Nectar, Casper is firmer than it is softer, but it’s not hard. The top comfort layers contour to your body to keep your spine aligned and ensure that you sleep comfortably.

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Nectar vs Casper Mattress: Motion Transfer

Both Nectar and Casper offer incredible motion transfer benefits

You won’t notice the feel of movement much at all when you’re on your Nectar. This means that you can sleep with someone and despite one of you moving around, the other won’t be bothered. Motion is generally isolated within the foam so that you don’t have to be bothered with it like you might on an innerspring mattress. That said, you might notice that you’re moving less thanks to the pressure relief offered by your new mattress.

Casper is also a foam mattress, which means you can assume that it will be decent where motion transfer is concerned. You won’t have to deal with tossing and turning. Best of all, if you or your bedmate have been known to get up in the middle of the night, you won’t disturb each other. Overall, both Casper and Nectar offer decent levels of motion isolation.


Casper Nectar Comparison: Price

A Casper mattress is inexpensive, but can’t beat the price Nectar offers

Casper will allow you to buy a luxury Queen mattress for under $1,000. For a luxury mattress, that’s not a bad price. This puts Casper in the low to mid-range where pricing for a luxury mattress is concerned. We’ve also got the Casper coupon code, which will save you $50 during checkout if you enter the code SLEEPZOO.

If you think Casper offers a great deal, you’ll love the price of a Nectar mattress. Mattresses cost anywhere from $375 to $775. That’s right! You can get a California King mattress for under $800! Like Casper, they also occasionally offer coupon codes, discounts, and sales that include money off a mattress and things like free pillows! Currently, you can save $125 and get two free pillows if you enter SLEEPZOO125 during checkout. Please note, prices listed below are with the discount already taken off.


Sizes Casper Mattress Price Nectar Mattress Price
Twin $595 $375
Twin XL $645 $425
Full $895 $575
Queen $995 $670
King $1,195 $775
California King $1,195 $775


Current Casper Coupon Code: Use SLEEPZOO to save $50

Current Nectar Coupon Code: Use SLEEPZOO125 for $125 off & 2 free pillows


Casper vs Nectar Mattress: Trials and Warranty

Nectar blows everyone out of the water with a 1-year risk-free trial

Almost every single bed-in-a-box mattress offers some kind of trial. Depending on the mattress you choose your risk-free trial can last anywhere from a few months to a year. The industry standard seems to be 100 nights. This gives you time to sleep on your mattress and ensure that you’re full satisfied. Casper offers the 100-night trial that is fairly common. Returns are free and if you decide to return your mattress, Casper will handle the return and pick up your mattress for you. During this time, you’ll get your money back, so you’ve got nothing to lose if you’re not satisfied. After your trial, if you keep the mattress you’ll have a limited 10-year warranty that protects against flaws and defects.

Nectar blows all of the other bed-in-a-box mattress companies out of the water where a risk-free trial is concerned. You’ll get an entire year to get to know your mattress. This gives you a chance to really make sure that you’re satisfied and you’re able to get a good night’s sleep consistently. Keep in mind, if you keep your mattress, you’ll still be protected. The warranty for the Nectar mattress lasts for the life of the mattress. You can’t beat protection like that.


Conclusion: What Mattress Should I Buy?

This one might come down to price for many sleepers

Casper and Nectar are similar in a lot of ways. The one way where they are vastly different is in the area of price. It’s rare to find any mattress that’s a California King for less than $800, but that’s what Nectar offers. Beyond price, both Casper and Nectar are foam mattresses that are medium-firm and will suit a wide range of sleep positions. Both options are worthwhile considerations, but Nectar excels where pricing, risk-free trials, and warranties are concerned.


Buy a Casper If:

  • You want an inexpensive luxury mattress (Save $50 with code SLEEPZOO)
  • You’d prefer a hybrid foam mattress
  • You want a tested mattress with thousands of positive reviews


Buy a Nectar If:

  • You’d like a slightly firmer mattress
  • You want a memory foam mattress
  • You’re looking for the best deal possible (Use SLEEPZOO125 at checkout!)


Features Casper Nectar
Cooling Yes Yes
Firmness 6.5 out of 10 7.5 out of 10
Height 10” 11”
Made in the USA Yes No
Materials 4 poly/memory foams 4 memory foam layers
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Risk-Free Trial 100 Nights 1 Year
Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping
Sinkage Minimal Minimal
Warranty 10 Years Forever

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