Casper vs Leesa: How Do The Mattresses Compare?

Casper vs Leesa

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Over the last few years buying a mattress has moved from the brick and mortar furniture warehouses to the online market. Bed in a box mattresses have begun to dominate the industry because they are well made, come with extensive warranties, and allow you a sleep trial so you are certain that your mattress is the one for you. But how do you know which mattress to choose and which brand is right for you? Well, we can’t tell you that but this Casper vs Leesa comparison may help you see what each of these two brands has to offer.

Leesa vs Casper mattress comparisons make a lot of sense. As you will see in the sections below, both brands run about the same price, and they both have a lot to offer. If you’ve looked up Casper mattress vs Leesa reviews, you’ll see that people love both brands. In the end, it will likely come down to personal choice, but this may help you choose between Leesa or Casper when the time comes to order your new mattress.

Casper vs Leesa Construction

When it comes to Leesa or Casper, both mattresses are hybrid foam. This means that more than one type of foam is used to ensure that the highest level of comfort is achieved. This gives you more support than just memory foam and appeals to a wider range of sleepers as a result. When it comes to the Casper mattress vs Leesa, both mattresses offer a higher level of support from a memory foam layer, plus added layers providing both comfort and cooling. In the case of Casper this is done with the use of responsive poly foam. Leesa on the other hand, makes use of Avena foam.

Casper is made of four foam layers, while Leesa is made of three. Both are relatively the same size with Casper being a 9.5-inch mattress and Leesa coming in at 10 inches. Both start out with a thick layer of support foam. For Casper, the next layer is 1.5” of poly foam. Then both mattresses offer a layer of memory foam. Finally, Casper has another layer of poly foam on top, while Leesa has a layer of Avena foam. Both mattresses offer a removable, washable, breathable cover.

Leesa vs Casper Firmness

One of the things people usually pay the most attention to when it comes to buying a mattress is how firm it is. They want to know if they are going to be sleeping on something reminiscent of a brick or a cloud. People tend to lean one way or another, it seems. In the comparison of Casper vs Leesa, you’ll find both mattresses to be medium firm. Both the Casper and the Leesa rate about a six on the firmness scale, though if I had to choose a firmer option I would say Casper is just a tad bit firmer. If you’re someone that requires a firmer mattress (people with back pain, heavier sleepers) you might find Casper works better for you.

This one is going to come down to personal preference. Both beds were comfortable. Honestly, the difference in firmness was minimal, but if you like firmer mattresses Casper has a slight edge.

Casper vs Leesa: Motion Transfer & More

Both beds are comfortable, hugging your curves without forcing you to sink into the bed. They offer a nice bounce and provide a good comfortable space for sex. When it comes to sleeping, motion, transfer is barely felt with either the Casper or Leesa. It’s not uncommon to wake up when your partner is getting out of bed, but thanks to the lack of movement on the bed, that won’t happen as often. So, whether your partner gets up frequently in the night or you toss and turn, no one should be the wiser on either of these two mattresses.

Leesa vs Casper: Price

Minus coupon codes, sales, and other special offers, here are the current prices for Casper and Leesa mattresses.

Leesa Mattresses vs Casper 

Twin – $525 vs $550

Twin XL – $625 vs $600

Full – $790 vs $800

Queen – $940 vs $950

King or California King- $1,070 vs $1,150

We have coupon codes that can help reduce these prices a bit, as well: Our Leesa coupon code will help you save $100 off a mattress and our Casper coupon code will take $50 off when you add SLEEPZOO during checkout!

Casper vs Leesa: Trial and Warranty

Both Casper and Leesa offer a full 10-year warranty for your new mattress purchase. Even better than that, they both offer you a full 100-night sleep trial to give you a chance to get to know your new mattress and make sure you’re right for one another. Returns are simple and free of charge to you. You just let them know you don’t want the bed and they send someone to remove it from your home at no cost to you. It couldn’t be easier.

Leesa vs Casper: Conclusion

Really, both of these mattresses far exceeded my expectations. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here as both Casper and Leesa are excellent choices. At the end, it will depend on personal preference. For example, if you want a softer bed you might choose Leesa. If you want something firmer, Casper might be the better choice. In the end, both of these mattresses are popular because they are good quality mattresses made with consumer health and comfort in mind!

Want more info on these mattresses? Check out our full Casper review and Leesa review to get more useful insights into these popular beds.

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