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In the world of mattress options, two of the most popular options are latex and memory foam. As these two materials are very similar and sometimes even present in the same mattress configuration, people are often confused by which one makes the better mattress. This article will hopefully break that down for you. When it comes to latex vs memory foam we will look at things like motion transfer, sleeping hot, overall feel, bounce, and other factors.

One thing you should know is that in the game of memory foam vs latex, there are similarities and differences, but there isn’t a specific winner. In the end, the decision of a latex vs memory foam mattress will be up to you. We recommend taking everything you learn in this memory foam vs latex debate and weighing those facts with your own needs to buy the best possible mattress for you!


Latex vs Memory Foam Mattress: Overall Comfort

When it comes to the feel of a mattress it will be based on a variety of factors. For example, if you purchase an 8” foam mattress and a 12” foam mattress you will note differences in how they feel. With that in mind, when it comes to latex vs memory foam there are some basic truths. In most cases, with memory foam your body will sink into the mattress like a hug. Of course, the heavier you are, the worse this will be to the point where you may feel like you’re sleeping in a vat of quicksand.

Depending on your preference, it may be comfortable, but also hard to move in. Latex on the other hand, provides a good amount of pressure relief, similar to memory foam, but does not cause the deep sink that memory foam does. So, you get a smaller hug and a better ability to move freely while in bed.

Latex vs Memory Foam: Temperature

One of the biggest complaints about memory foam from almost anyone that sleeps on it is that it sleeps hot. This basically means that the surface of the mattress and the part of your body that is on it, has a tendency to be hotter than on other sleep surfaces. Sometimes it causes people to feel sweaty or just generally too warm to sleep comfortably. This was a much bigger problem with older memory foam models. These days, manufacturers are getting smarter and doing things to combat this issue. As for latex, these sleep surfaces tend to be naturally cooler as is, so when you receive a latex bed you’ll notice the comfortable difference.


Latex vs Memory Foam: Responsiveness

Latex tends to offer a fairly bouncy, responsive surface as far as mattresses go. If you’re looking for a good mattress for sex, latex is a great choice because of this responsiveness. It cuts down on some of your work by moving with you, as opposed to against you. Memory foam, on the other hand, is less responsive. You’ve probably seen the images of the hand print in the mattress. If you touch a memory foam mattress like this, it can take some time for it to go back to its regular form. This is why some compare memory foam to quick sand. It can be a slow battle, uphill, moving on memory foam.


Latex vs Memory Foam: Motion Transfer

For all the reasons that memory foam isn’t as responsive, it is the clear winner in the area of motion transfer. Chances are, if you sleep with someone on a memory foam bed they won’t feel you getting up, rolling over, or doing anything that involves movement. That said, latex does well in this area, also, but memory foam certainly excels.


Latex vs Memory Foam: Pain Relief

This section is a little bit tricky because it really depends on what kind of pain that you’re dealing with. That said, both memory foam and latex do a wondrous job at relieving back/hip and/or shoulder pain. The winner in this area will likely depend on your specific pain issues and the configuration of your mattress. Having slept on both types of mattresses, I can say both helped alleviate pain in my back and other problem areas.


Latex vs Memory Foam: The Winner

Like I said earlier, there is no right or wrong answer in this particular debate. The answer rests with your specific needs. Budget-wise you can find a good mattress made of either material for an affordable price. There are mattresses that are both cheap or expensive, depending on your needs and what you can afford. Luckily, the online marketplace has brought down many of the prices and made both of these types of mattresses accessible to more people than ever!

If you aren’t sure which mattress is for you when it comes to memory foam vs latex, we encourage you to read more articles and reviews. You can also visit our Mattress guides for more inspiration!


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