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As more start-ups appear in the bed-in-a-box online mattress retail world, brands are beginning to find new ways of standing out in this quickly crowding market. While the comfort and benefits of memory foam mattresses are becoming well-documented, they have until now lacked one of the most attractive features of some coil spring mattresses: the ability to customize firmness levels on different sides of the bed. Anyone who shares a bed with a partner knows that it’s not always easy to find a mattress that supports the needs of all who sleep on it. Memory foam mattresses might be comfortable and durable, but they haven’t yet allowed for customizable firmness. Until now, that is. A new bed-in-a-box startup, Kutson, has introduced a line of mail-order foam mattresses with a revolutionary design to allow adjustable firmness on both sides of the bed.

Kutson mattresses feature a new modular design (patent pending) which allows users to insert or remove memory foam layers with varying levels of firmness or softness. The outer layer of the mattress has a zipper along both long sides of the mattress to allow easy access to the foam layers. The standard Kutson mattress offers enough layers to allow nine total different combinations of levels of firmness. As of now, a queen size adjustable Kutson mattress costs around $800, making their prices competitive with other popular bed-in-a-box brands which lack the customization Kutson mattresses offer.

Already, Kutson is setting themselves apart from well-known competitors like Leesa and Casper by merging the adjustability of coil spring mattresses with the convenience and comfort of memory foam mattresses. Will this help Kutson stand out in the already crowded mail order mattress market? Their mattresses aren’t on sale yet, but you can sign up for their mailing list on their website and keep up with updates.


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