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Getting rid of a mattress isn’t as cut and dry as it sounds. Things are the same as they were in college where you might just throw the old mattress on the side of the road and hope someone comes to take it. So how do you get rid of a mattress safely and effectively without causing harm to the environment, your neighbors, and your pocketbook. Mattress disposal is an important adult skill to have, so let’s take a closer look at how to get rid of a mattress.


LoadUp Mattress Disposal

If you’re in need of getting rid of a mattress that is no longer able to be used, we recommend contacting a local mattress removal services such as LoadUp. If you are in their service area, they can be the best way to remove an old mattress.

LoadUp is in most states and major cities in the country. You can search their website using your zip code to see if you’re in the area for their services.

If so, they can come to you, take your mattress, and dispose of it for a reasonable fee. Pricing is based on the number of items for pick up.


Contact the Manufacturer for Mattress Removal

It is also possible that the manufacturer of your mattress has as mattress removal and recycling program. In some cases, if you have a new bed delivered, the company can get rid of the old mattress in the same trip and haul it away for you without any extra fee or trouble.

Otherwise, contact the manufacturer to see what they recommend for mattress disposal.


Sell a Mattress in Good Shape

If you want to get rid of your old mattress but it is still in serviceable shape, you may want to see it or give it away to someone else who needs it. You can list it online with Craigslist or your local Facebook buy and sell group or marketplace.

You can also use services like Freecycle in your community to help you find someone who can use your old mattress.


Donate the Mattress

In some cases, your local Salvation Army or Good Will can provide mattress removal. This will depend on the overall shape of your mattress and if it is possible to resell and use again. If you want to know how to get rid of a mattress, this may be a viable solution for you.


Break Down the Mattress

If you don’t want the hassle of arranging any sort of mattress removal or mattress disposal, you can always break down the mattress yourself to recycle or throw away, depending on the condition and materials.

You will need a box cutter or seam ripper so you can remove the material. You may also need pliers to remove staples, wire clippers to cut springs, a saw for the box spring, safety gear such as gloves and googles, and bags for the mattress disposal. It will be hard work, but it is possible to break down and get rid of an old mattress this way.

Once you have disassembled your mattress, you can dispose of its pieces either by recycling or reusing the materials, depending on what it is a made from.

If you were wondering how to get rid of a mattress, this short guide can get you started. Remember to contact a junk removal service like LoadUp or contact the manufacturer to determine if they have a program. Or you can donate a gently used mattress or deconstruct an older one yourself.

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