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Given that we spend so much of our time in bed, it’s important to make every effort to keep our mattresses clean. This includes routine vacuuming and cleaning, and also attempts to remove any sort of set-in stains. Some of the most difficult stains to remove are blood stains, due to the high concentration of proteins found in blood. If you’re looking to remove a blood stain from a mattress, read our guide below.


How to Get Blood Stains Out of a Mattress

To clean blood stains on a mattress, you’ll need to use an appropriate cleaning agent. Household enzyme cleaners will work well, as will oxygenated bleach. If you’d rather avoid harsh chemicals, there are more simple approaches to take, as outlined below.


Step One: Strip the Bed

First and foremost, strip the sheets off the bed and set aside to wash. If the sheets have blood on them, blot up the blood as much as possible and spray them with an enzyme cleaner and let soak.


Step Two: Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Next up, you’ll want to prep a cleaning solution. If you’ve searched for how to get blood stains out of a mattress before, you’ve probably found several different recommendations. We recommend using one of the following:

  • 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 tbsp liquid dish soap and 1 tbsp table salt
  • Store-bought oxygen bleach products
  • 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed with 1 cup cold water
  • Other options can be explored here.

In our experience, the hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and salt blend is the most effective, and does not contain harsh chemicals. We recommend starting with that, and if it doesn’t get the stain out, then you can try another option.


Step Three: Apply Cleaning Solution to Stain

If you’re using the hydrogen peroxide mix, apply the mixture to the stained area and rub it in using a clean, white rag. Be sure to use a white rag, as peroxide can bleach colors out of some materials.


Step Four: Allow to Dry, and Remove

Next up, let the cleaning mixture sit on the mattress until it has mostly dried (at least 30 minutes, to allow time for the cleaning agent to penetrate the stain and break down the proteins). Scrape the paste residue off, and discard. Take a white rag dipped in hydrogen peroxide, and dab at the stain to remove any remaining residue or color. Again, be sure to use a white rag.


Step Five: Allow the Mattress to Air Dry

If the stain is sufficiently removed or reduced, you can clean up and dry the mattress off with a clean towel. Before putting the sheets back on, let the mattress sit out to dry for several hours, ideally with a fan on to circulate the air. You never want to put sheets on a damp mattress, as that can cause mold.


So, now you know how to get blood stains out of a mattress! Keep in mind that different types of stains react better to different cleaning methods – see our guide on how to get pee out of a mattress, and our general mattress cleaning tips guide for more information.

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