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An air mattress, also known as an air bed, is essentially a blow up mattress that fills entirely with air. You won’t have any springs, foam, or other materials in your blow up bed. It’s just air. Air beds come in low and high profile. The main difference is that one is lower to the ground and the other is raised. Some people prefer a raised airbed because they are easier to get up from when standing.

Air beds are popular for a lot of reasons. They are easy to setup and portable. They make a great option for guests, especially if you don’t have a guest bedroom. Many people opt for an airbed for their RV or for camping, as well. Of course, these days, people are opting to go with a blow up mattress as their main mattress, especially if they are looking for a budget option for a new mattress. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a good option for some.


Things to Look for in an Air Mattress

Price – Depending on the air bed you purchase, you might pay anywhere from under $50 to over $150. Ultimately, you’re going to want to find somewhere in the middle. The lower priced blow up bed usually lacks a good warranty and lacks the features you need to keep you comfortable. On the flip side, paying too much often means a good warranty and plenty of features you probably don’t need that might not enhance your comfort anyway. For this reason, the best air mattress is going to be priced somewhere in between these price points.

Comfort – Obviously, comfort is the most important thing in your search for the best air mattress. You probably aren’t going to find an airbed that matches the comfort in your standard mattress, but you should be able to find one that keeps air in all night and that offers the ability to adjust the firmness to make it more comfortable for you.

Warranty – As we mentioned in the price section, the best air mattress is going to come with a fair warranty. Most air mattresses won’t last forever. Even the best of them isn’t made to last more than four years. Even then, the average airbed will last a year or two before it needs replaced. While warranty times will vary, six months to a year is usually a fair offering.


With all this in mind, here are three air mattress recommendations!


SoundAsleep Dream Series

SoundAsleep Dream Series

The pump on the SoundAsleep Dream Series inflates and deflates the bed in a matter of minutes. The dial on the mattress even allows you to adjust the level of firmness that the bed has. A nylon storage bag is included, so if you’re storing your bed you have an easy way to keep it clean and protected when you’re not using it. These airbeds can hold up to 500 lbs. without losing air, so that’s a plus if you’re on the heavier side. It’s also a high profile, with the queen mattress raising to 19 inches. This should make it easier to get up and off if it’s on the floor. It also doesn’t hurt that the price is reasonable, at a little over $100, and it comes with a decent warranty.


Insta Bed

Insta Bed

If you’re looking to save money, the Insta Bed is a bit cheaper, generally costing less than $100, depending on the specific bed you choose. You have the ability to control the firmness level, which helps make the airbed more comfortable. These mattresses are fairly comfortable and durable. The bed raises to 15 inches when inflated, so it’s lower than some, so that could make it more difficult if you’re older or have any health problems. The Insta Bed also has a good warranty (a full year), and they have been praised for their customer service in the event you need to use that warranty!


Coleman Air Bed

Coleman Air Bed

Choosing a Coleman Air Bed is another option. There are multiple types of air beds that Coleman offers. They have a mix of high and low profile beds. The high profile sit at about 18 inches. They are one of the more comfortable airbed options, but they don’t usually have internal pumps so you’ll need a pump to blow up the mattress. The high profile won’t make you feel like you’re lying on the floor. This is likely going to be the best price you’ll encounter. The Coleman Air Bed also has a suede top which makes some people feel that it’s more like a bed than the airbeds that lack the topper and are plastic all the way around.

Air beds have plenty of uses, so hopefully you find the right one for you that fills your needs. If you’re looking for other mattress or ways to shop for them, check out our Mattress Guide.

Ashtyn Evans

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