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How often should you flip your mattress? That’s likely the question you typed into your favorite search engine to get here. Well, that, or ‘how often to rotate mattress.’ In either case, if you’re wondering if you’re in the right place. This article will cover the benefits, the difference between if you rotate or flip mattress, and whether or not it’s necessary to rotate or flip mattresses in every case.

So, first things first. When it comes to the flip, mattress companies aren’t made the same. Some mattresses cannot be flipped and that’s okay. For clarification, the difference between a flip mattress and a rotate mattress is that when you flip, the side you’re currently sleeping on will end up on the bottom against your frame or box spring. In terms of a rotate bed scenario, you’re turning the bed 180 degrees, so the area where you placed your feet is now against the head board and the head of your mattress is now where your feet go. While you can’t flip every mattress, you can rotate every bed.


Rotate Mattress vs Flip Mattress – Which is Better?

Both offer a longer lifespan for your bed, if you can do them. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Most people tend to sleep in the same position and often even in the same spot. They do this every night and often don’t replace their mattress for eight to ten years – sometimes longer! This allows grooves to form in your mattress. It’s almost like you imprint yourself into your bed. Your spot ends up clearly marked.

Unfortunately, when this happens it erodes your mattress breaking down it’s supportive qualities and it could lead to you needing a new mattress earlier than you might have otherwise.


A New Breed of Mattress – The Non-Flip Mattress

Thanks to the uptick of foam mattresses and more responsive multi-layered foam options, you may find that your bed no longer needs flipped or rotated. If you’re unsure about how often you should flip your mattress or whether or not it should be flipped or not, this is a question that can likely be answered by the maker of your bed. You will be able to tell if it can be flipped and if it can, you can always inquire about if it should be and how often. The same can be said about how often you should rotate your mattress.


The Benefits of Rotating

Like it’s been mentioned, sleeping in the same spot every night can cause breakdown over years on any mattress. The benefit to rotating is that it keeps your spine properly aligned because the rotation slows down the wear in a specific spot, which can lead to sagging and end up leading to body pain, in addition to the need for a new mattress.

A lot of people believe that you rotate beds based on a schedule anywhere from every few months to a year. This can often depend on the type of mattress you have. For this reason, I recommend rotating twice a year. However often you decide to rotate, just make sure you pick a schedule and keep to it as that will make it easier for you and will likely keep your mattress young.


Rotating Tips

The schedule for rotate mattress time will definitely make things easier on you. Not only that, but it will speed things up. Just leave yourself a reminder on your phone and when the day comes you’ll be ready to go. Rotating the mattress should be easy, but if you have anything on your nightstand or a nearby lamp you will want to take that into account. You should also take a minute to see if anything fell beneath the cracks of your bed, so you can cleanup any dust or dander from somewhere that’s normally hard to reach. After that you just need some clean sheets and you’re good to go until the next time.

You can rotate just about every type of bed and you have nothing to lose from doing it. With that in mind, you should rotate mattress toppers if you want to keep them lasting longer. Also, remember to rotate your box spring on the same schedule if your bed has one!


Flip Mattress: Should I Flip My Mattress?

The best thing to do if you think it should be flipped is first, to consider the type of mattress you have and then if you think it can be flipped, to find out if the company recommends it. For example, many new mattresses don’t need to flip. Mattresses like innerspring that have coils, do benefit from flipping. Even then, the need for flipping is typical with older models rather than the newer ones. Newer spring mattresses often include wrapped coils, which last longer.

If you can flip your mattress, the best schedule for that is when you rotate your mattress. This allows you to get it over all at once. It also ensures that you don’t forget to rotate or flip mattresses on the right schedule. Keep in mind, mattress flipping can get heavy! If your mattress is heavy you should use the buddy system and flip with a friend.

Some mattresses that benefit from the flip include non-pillow top spring-based mattresses. Foam mattresses do not need to be flipped at all. In fact, many of them are not designed to be flipped.

Hopefully this answers your questions about whether to rotate or flip mattresses. The reality is that most people won’t have to flip their mattress anytime soon. That said, mattress rotation is a good idea for most brands to ensure the life and comfort of the mattress. If you’re looking for a new mattress or more details on how to choose one, our Mattress guide might be able to help!

Ashtyn Evans

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