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Are you a one pillow sleeper or do you like two? Or, maybe you prefer to be surrounded by a cloud of pillowy goodness. But how many pillows should you sleep with? When you ask yourself that question, there are a variety of answers depending on your specific sleep situation. Let’s take a closer look at how many pillows you should sleep on and why.

Pillows, usually filled with either fiber or feathers, have become the foundation for good sleep. Even if you have the best mattress in the world, the wrong pillows will negatively affect your quality of sleep. So not only do you need to determine the right number of pillows to use at night, but also which ones are best for your specific sleep habits.


How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With if You’re a Back Sleeper?

For a back sleeper, the primary goal is to ensure that your spine remain straight and your airway is not constricted. This is why many back sleepers will choose a memory foam or contoured pillow to maintain the right position while sleeping.

In this configuration, you may also need support on your lower back, which is why a good mattress is also essential for a proper night’s sleep. A pillow under the knees may also help maintain a good sleeping position.


How Many Pillows Should You Sleep on if You’re a Side Sleeper?

Side sleepers might want to consider two pillows, but not necessarily under their head. If you can’t sleep without your head propped up, you may want to speak with a doctor about additional conditions. For example, someone diagnosed with Asthma who sleeps on their side may want to use two pillows. But for an average person, one pillow should be sufficient support.

However, the second pillow should be used between the knees to ensure that your spine is maintaining the comfortable and natural curvature. This is even more important if you’re sleeping on a soft mattress that might offer a little less support.


How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With if You’re a Stomach Sleeper?

Those who sleep on their stomach may have the most difficult time finding a comfortable position. No more than one pillow is necessary for someone who sleeps on their front. However, many experts suggest that a stomach sleeper consider a full body pillow to maintain the proper posture while sleeping.

Whatever position you sleep in, maintaining the alignment of your neck and spine is the most important aspect of choosing the right amount of pillows. So how many pillows should you sleep on?

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