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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your bed could respond to your changing sleep needs automatically? Or would it be terrifying? Some days you need a firmer mattress to keep your back aligned, while on others it’d be nice to curl up into a cloud of cushiony softness to let your body fully relax. Until now, there hasn’t been such a bed, but American mattress maker HEKA has invented a mattress which it claims can do just that. HEKA is calling its mattress the world’s first “AI mattress” which “brings to life the fantasy of furniture adapting to body movement depicted in sci-fi movies.” Will a shape-shifting, artificially intelligent mattress catch on with sleepers?

HEKA’s new AI mattress contains a series of sensors which can detect body position, pressure points, and sleeping position automatically. Their proprietary “autonomous adaptation module” they’re calling “AI TRACKBOT” (zero points for creativity, guys) can then adjust the shape of the mattress to alleviate pressure points and ensure the proper sleep position for proper alignment and posture while users sleep.

In a press release, HEKA Chief Marketing Officer Rogan Smith claims his company’s AI TRACKBOT technology will ensure that customers, who he refers to as “members” for some reason, will get the best sleep possible:

The HEKA AI Mattress has also been carefully constructed with superior materials and craftsmanship. The purpose of the AI TRACKBOT mattress project is to optimize healthy sleep and offer a luxury sleep experience to our members. We hope to redefine healthy sleep by offering optimal postural support and pressure relief for sleepers’ body with the aid of the AI TRACKBOT technology.

HEKA will show off the AI Mattress at a sleep products trade show at North Carolina’s world famous High Point Market in April. Would you sleep on a shapeshifting mattress which spends the whole night analyzing the weird shapes your body contorts into while you sleep?

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