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It seems like there’s a new sleep tracking product on the market every other week these days, but one startup feels like there’s still a little room for a new addition.

The Sleepon company is hoping to help customers not just track their sleep, but also help detect sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that affects millions of people. Instead of being worn all the time like a traditional fitness tracker, the Go2Sleep is a small sleeve that slips over a finger and is only worn at night.

It has a 3 axis sensor that tracks tossing and turning (giving data on how much solid sleep the wearer got), plus oxygen and heart rate sensors that give insight to several sleep metrics. The data is automatically synced with a smartphone app where users can see reports and get AI analysis with personalized advice on changing sleep habits, plus tips on improving diet and exercise (to ultimately get better sleep).

While Go2Sleep can indeed detect if a wearer may be suffering from sleep apnea based on the data it receives, the app will recommend a physician’s diagnosis to determine the severity of the condition. The device also includes haptic alerts that check for low blood oxygen levels and a water resistant design. The average battery life will last for three nights without a charge and it stores 7 days of sleep data.

The ring is still in production, so it’s not clear yet when it will be coming to market. But part of the team behind it actually worked on Intel’s Basis fitness watch, so they know the space.

The Go2Sleep ring may not be an incredibly revolutionary idea, but it does bring some fresh ideas to the wearable tracking market. An Indiegogo campaign for the device is expected to ship in the beginning of 2018, so we should start seeing some real world feedback soon.

Artie Beaty

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