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While sleeping on the job may seem a little taboo, it can actually be quite productive, studies are showing. And a new product is hoping to help people tap into the power of sleep.

Called “Silentmode,” the sleep mask (now available on Kickstarter for just under $100) promises to provide a 100% blackout, letting wearers totally tune out everything around them. The mask even uses noise cancellation to block out ambient sounds and, perhaps most impressive, a companion app that has a breathing trainer to help users get to sleep even faster.

Of course, it’s not just intended for a quick power nap. Users can set their app for anything from a deep session during a plane flight or a 20 minute rest at work. If you’re just looking to get away for a while, the mask is capable of playing podcasts, audiobooks, or music via Bluetooth.

Silentmode co-founder Jens H. Nielson said that the results of sleep are immediate. “A study we conducted,” he said, “found an average heart rate reduction of 19 percent in users who used Silentmode to relax in less than 5 minutes.”

While most sleep masks can be fairly uncomfortable, Silentmode looks to be a different story. It has formed eye placements designed to promote sleep and 360-degree memory foam that contours to facial features, providing total blackout conditions anywhere. The rest of the mask is made up of bamboo cotton, so you don’t wake up with a sweaty, red brow.

While the sleep mask itself is nothing new, Silentmode’s take on it certainly is. And as more research shows how beneficial sleep can be, it looks like they might be on to something. “It’s just somehow the rest of us have forgotten the benefits that napping can bring,” their Kickstarter read. “In today’s society napping is seen to equal laziness.” Instead, they argue, the exact opposite is true.

“We have spent years learning how to master naps because of the stressful lives we led. So let us help empower you to be the best you can be.


Artie Beaty

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