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Sleep deprivation is a growing problem. It’s estimated that nearly 3 in 4 American workers doesn’t get enough sleep, placing a huge burden on the economy. By 2020, Americans’ sleep shortages could cost our economy well over $400 billion. What’s more, all that lost sleep leads to an increased prevalence of early mortality, obesity and weight gain, and a wide range of other mental and physical health complications. While all sorts of remedies have been proposed, one innovative sleep company believes they’ve found the solution: artificial intelligence. Eight Sleep, creators of groundbreaking smart mattresses, has released a revolutionary new app called Sleep Coach which harnesses the power of AI to help users sleep better and longer. Could AI be the answer to our growing sleep crisis?

Sleep Coach is based on over 2.5 million nights’ worth of anonymous sleep data gathered through their smart mattresses. Using a sophisticated artificial intelligence network, Sleep Coach’s powerful AI can generate real-time recommendations for individuals’ sleep health based on their sleep habits as well as their age, location, and gender.

The Sleep Coach app offers personalized insights and recommendations for each user based on the fifteen points of sleep and biometric data tracked through one of Eight’s smart mattresses which include heart rate, breathing rate, sleep cycle stages, time slept, and movement while sleeping. Matteo Franceschetti, CEO and Eight Co-Founder, says he believes the personalized recommendations Sleep Coach is able to produce could be the answer to solving America’s sleep crisis:

Sleep deprivation is costing the US economy 400 billion dollars each year. The AI-powered Sleep Coach is our answer to this. Thanks to the accuracy and volume of data that we gather, we are able to offer users unique insights into their sleep unlike any other consumer product in the market. This is just the start of seeing our vision realized, of a future in which technology and data make healthcare more scientific and consistent.

The AI-powered Sleep Coach is available on iOS and Android devices and must be used in conjunction with an Eight smart mattress, which start around $699. Check out our reviews of the Jupiter, Mars (a great soft mattress), and Saturn mattresses and find which one is best suited for you. You can also check for Eight Sleep coupon codes here to save big.

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