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If a new company’s vision catches on, throwing out an old mattress could be a thing of the past. Design Your Own Bed, or DYOB, is introducing the first “total body pressure management modular mattress.” In short, it’s a mattress with a completely interchangeable and replaceable design that doesn’t just let people replace worn parts, but change their mattress to fit a lifestyle change.

For example aside from simply getting worn out, many people today will replace their mattress if they lose weight, if they develop chronic pains, or if they have frequent pet accidents. But with this mattress, the cover can be unzipped and parts replaced. The internal working can be repositioned, washed, and even vacuumed, something perfect for people with allergies.

Instead of springs like a traditional mattress, this one has over 50 hexagonal foam cubes of different densities that let sleepers choose the exact design they need. The cubes can be moved to provide more support to certain areas, or replaced entirely if they become worn or damaged.

The company’s hope is that their new products leads to a reduction in the number of mattresses that hit US landfills – an estimated 50,000 every single day.

Two different versions will be available: the higher and “Roma ME” that comes with pressure management options for each side of the bed, and a more affordable “Roma WE” that is one whole mattress (instead of the split design of the ME). Both versions are modular with a removable cover and inside, but the WE is more for people who prefer a flippable comfort design.

The mattresses will be available in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes, which are all compression roll packed and shipped in a single lightweight box.

DYOB was featured as a part of the Entrepreneur TV show Elevator Pitch in November off 2017, and an Indiegogo campaign was rolled out for early supporters.

SleepZoo Staff

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