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Does sleeping help you grow? While the initial answer is yes, it really depends on a number of factors. The rate we grow and the ultimate height we finish at can depend on a number of things ranging from heredity to overall health. Kids are often told that if they want to grow they need good sleep. Sleep allows your body to focus on a number of functions that improve children’s health and focus as well as helping them to grow.

We often say that the amount of sleep you need is relative to your age. This is absolutely true. Does sleep help you grow mainly depends on your age, for obvious reasons. Babies can use up to 16 hours of sleep a day and toddlers can sleep as much as 14 hours. The time that kids spend sleeping will allow their bodies to grow. KidsHealth.org reports that researchers have discovered that not only do you grow when you sleep, but too little sleep can affect your growth, and it can cause you to get sick as poor sleep can affect your immune system.


Why Do You Grow When You Sleep?

Does sleep help you grow? Yes, sleep can be one of the most critical factors during your growth spurts. So, why does sleep help you grow? The answer to that has a lot to do with growth hormones.

As we sleep our bodies produce growth hormones. This means we have the ability to grow thanks to good sleep until our body stops growing. How long does sleeping help you grow will depend on when your growth plates stop growing. For most people this is somewhere between the age of 19 to 27 years old.


Does Sleeping Help You Grow? Understanding Growth Hormones

The basics all come down to this. If you’re getting good sleep every night and your growth plates are open and working to allow growth, you’ll grow. You’ll grow because the sleep that you get will produce growth hormone and these hormones will allow you to get taller. Sleep is also important for other physical and emotional reasons.

Growth hormones can be produced in a variety of ways, but the easiest among them is to get enough sleep. While you’re sleeping, growth hormones are synthesized. These hormones will help your body to heal faster, improve your muscle tone, and provide a wealth of other positive benefits. You can take hot showers or rely on exercise, but a surefire way to increase your growth hormones is just to get enough sleep each night.


Does Sleeping Help You Grow? Conclusion

As long as your growth plates are in working order and open, yes sleeping helps you grow. If your growth plates are closed due to age, disability, or injury no amount of sleep will make you taller. At the end of the day, if you’re asking does sleeping help you grow, for your kids, you can bet that proper sleep will not only help them grow, but also improve their health and well-being in numerous other ways.

Ashtyn Evans

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