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Whether you choose to go to bed early or stay awake until the wee hours of the morning, most people can agree that there’s nothing like stretching out in bed after a long day. If you’ve ever dealt with the after-dinner, late-night munchies, you’re likely aware of how food can affect our sleep cycle. Research can be touch and go where various foods are concerned. The good news is that if you’re here wondering if you can enjoy a banana before bed, we should be able to give you the answer you need.

Does a banana help you sleep? That might depend on you. Russell Rosenberg, PhD and CEO of the National Sleep Foundation definitely believes there are foods out there that will steal your sleep. On the bright side, he also believes in the idea of foods that help you to get sleepier, too. So, will a banana before bed be the answer you’ve been looking for to get you to  sleep faster? It just might be!


Does Bananas Help You Sleep?

Experts suggest that a banana before bed might tip the scales and make you sleep. So, why does a banana make you sleepy? Bananas are filled with both potassium and magnesium. Both potassium and magnesium are natural muscle relaxants. Bananas are also filled with carbs, which can also work in your favor if you’re trying to get to sleep. A few extra carbs always have the potential to get you yawning.

Most are familiar with the idea that tryptophan (an active ingredient in turkey) makes people tired. This is why so many people have an overwhelming interest in taking a nap after Thanksgiving dinner. That’s just one of the ingredients in food that makes you sleepy. When you ask why do bananas help you sleep, the answer is because of the minerals and added carbs.


Does Bananas Help You Sleep All the Time?

You might be asking yourself if the question is, “Do bananas make you sleepy?” and the answer is, “Yes!” then why do so many people eat bananas with breakfast? Bananas are popular in countries around the world. Over one billion bananas are consumed every year. People eat them in cereal, on waffles, or straight out of the peel. People also eat them at all times of the day. And you can. Eating a banana during the day isn’t necessarily going to make you tired at all, much less enough to go to sleep. However, eating a banana before bed, when you’re already tired, can help you get to sleep.

A banana before bed will most benefit those that have a mineral deficiency in magnesium or potassium. This is because those nutrients will help to promote a better night’s sleep. Bananas are low in calories, too. So, while some might suggest you should avoid eating before bed altogether, a banana before bed would be a good choice. Bananas are heart-healthy and contain all of the right ingredients so that you will be relaxed throughout the night. Magnesium has been known to reduce muscle cramping and also help to regulate your hormones. When you think of it like that, a banana before bed can keep you cool, comfortable, and ease you to a restful sleep at night.

While there are plenty of banana recipes out there, a plain banana before bed will work just fine. However you choose to consume them, next time you’re having trouble sleeping, head into the kitchen and eat a banana before bed. It just might lead to the sleepy relief you need.

Ashtyn Evans

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