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Today, I want to take a step back from the normal sleep blogging that I do, and instead talk about one of my favorite blogging tools that makes my life a whole lot easier — CoSchedule.

Any successful webmaster will tell you that there are many keys to success, but one that nobody can refute is the need for organization. As websites grow, so do the tasks and responsibilities involved with keeping the sites running and growing. From creating new content to editing and publishing to website maintenance to social media promotion… the list keeps going. Luckily, there are now ways to increase efficiency and keep things under control. One such program is called CoSchedule, and we’re here today to review it in detail.

What is CoSchedule?


CoSchedule is an innovative new web application designed to help webmasters organize their publication schedules. It’s designed to work synergistically with WordPress, and it does just that. CoSchedule allows you to create and publish new WordPress pages and posts, assign tasks to your team members, lay out your schedule for the coming weeks, and much more.

Everything is laid out in detail on the CoSchedule calendar, as well as the dashboard. CoSchedule is best for teams of people, as it allows for very easy delegation of tasks and synergistic work patterns. From within CS, you can assign various tasks to your employees/contractors, and monitor their progress.

Why Use CoSchedule?

CoSchedule allows most aspects of your business to be organized into a single calendar. I can’t stress enough how big of a benefit this is. It makes it so easy to see everything laid out in front of you. Previously, if you were a webmaster working with a large team of workers, you probably got by using hundreds of emails, maybe a shared Google Drive folder, some spreadsheets, some phone calls… the list goes on. Now, all that can be condensed down into one program!

It’s also excellent for tracking progress and increasing efficiency. Everything from assigning tasks to scheduling social promotions to monitoring traffic and social shares is all right there for you to see.

How Does CoSchedule Work?


Basically, everything in CS is synced with everything in WordPress. You’ll sync your WordPress-based site or blog with your new CS account when you sign up, and from there on out, everything will be synced up.

From then on, you’ll be able to handle all your tasks in CoSchedule directly. So, let’s say you have a content-based site and you need to get 10 blog posts published per week. You have a team consisting of yourself, 2 writers, and editor, and a social media expert. Now, you can go into CoSchedule and create 10 new blank WordPress posts/pages, and add any info you have for them such as title, headlines, keywords, etc. Next, you can start assigning tasks – give your writers 5 tasks each to make a rough draft for each of the articles. Give your editor 20 tasks, to add pictures and publish each of the 10 posts. Give your social media expert 10 tasks, to write and schedule FaceBook/Twitter/etc. Posts for each of the new blog posts.

Now, your writer can sign in to CoSchedule and see his tasks laid out on his Calendar and Dashboard. He can click through CS to start writing the post in WordPress. Your editor can do the same. Your social media expert can do everything direct from CS – he can sign in, and design and schedule posts directly in CoSchedule. He can schedule posts for any time and date, even if it’s next year!

How Do We Benefit from CoSchedule?


Simply put, CoSchedule helps us keep our ducks in a row. We work with a team of 10+ people, so previously (before we had CS) we were sending literally around 100 emails per day back and forth. We were sharing Drive folders, working on co-op spreadsheets, etc. Now, ALL of that is in CoSchedule. On simple web app has replaced a myriad of disjointed methods.

Organization is obviously the key benefit here, but efficiency has also skyrocketed. Everything is laid out in crystal clear clarity. Our social guy is stoked – he’s able to schedule posts for weeks or even months in advance, and knock out an entire social campaign in a matter of minutes. He can even monitor the number of shares each post is getting, and tweak his strategies accordingly.

Should You Try CoSchedule?

If you’re a webmaster who publishes on a regular basis… yep, you should definitely try it. If you work with a team, you absolutely should try out CoSchedule. It can really help increase efficiency, reduce headaches and keep things running smoothly.


SleepZoo Staff

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