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With so many devices and appliances in our homes becoming ‘smart,’ it’s no surprise that our beds are joining in on the smart tech revolution. Smart mattresses, beds that have embedded sensors which can detect all sorts of sleep and health data, are becoming an increasingly common sight in bedrooms throughout the world.

For the millions of people worldwide suffering chronic sleep shortages, these mattress can provide useful feedback to help identify behaviors which might lead to poor sleep quality. The big names on the smart mattress market have so far been American makers like Eight Sleep, but it seems now that Chinese makers are beginning to eye this lucrative new market. What effect will this have on the smart mattress market going forward?

At the recent 2018 Medicare Taiwan trade show in Taipei, sleep products manufacturer Green-Sweet showed off a new line of “Power Sleep” mattresses designed to help users get a better night sleep. Green-Sweet’s mattresses feature embedded sensors which can identify sleeping position and pressure points to help users find their ideal sleep position and mattress type. The sensor also comes in the form of a standalone module which can be placed under an existing mattress.

Green-Sweet is taking things one step further by also renting its sleep sensors, allowing users to identify their sleep needs without having to buy a completely new mattress. President of the company Cy Liu also added that users with back or spine problems can request medical professionals to examine their sleep data to find a solution which best fits their needs.

While Green-Sweet’s new sensors and smart mattresses aren’t necessarily groundbreaking, these demos do perhaps hint that international manufacturers could soon start flooding the market with inevitably less expensive smart mattress options. While many will be sure to claim that this is a bad thing that will bring quality down, it could also be argued that more choices will bring more consumers into the sleep products world to begin with, hopefully lessening the severity of the current widespread sleep crisis. 

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