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Everyone knows they don’t sleep enough. So much of modern life is all about helping us overcome our bodies’ natural tendencies, yet all of this control comes at a price. Sleep deprivation takes a heavy toll on the body and mind, and when viewed on a societal scale can be seen to even negatively affect the economy through decreasing workforce productivity. Most of us can cite a variety of behaviors and lifestyle choices as the reasons why we don’t get enough sleep, but sometimes environmental factors over which we have no control can be the deciding factor between getting enough sleep and not. To help understand this link between environment and health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently compiled their “500 Cities” list which tracks various health indicators across the nation and has revealed the best and worst cities for getting enough sleep. Where does your city rank?

Eight out of the twenty best locations for sleep are in Colorado, with Fort Collins coming in first and outdoor paradise Boulder coming in third. Given that exercise and sleep often go hand-in-hand, it’s no surprise that one of the most active and fit states also gets the most sleep. Below are the twenty best cities for sleep based on the CDC’s data:

20 Best Cities for Sleep

1. Fort Collins, CO
2. Loveland, CO
3. Boulder, CO
4. Overland Park, KS
5. Arvada, CO
6. Plymouth, MN
7. Lakewood, CO
8. Santa Fe, NM
9. Longmont, CO
10. Iowa City, IA
11. Sioux Falls, SD
12. Bellingham, WA
13. Thousand Oaks, CA
14. Newport Beach, CA
15. Olathe, KS
16. Centennial, CO
17. Cary, NC
18. Denver, CO
19. Lawrence, KS
20. Meridian, ID

The list also revealed the twenty worst cities for sleep. While the west and midwest dominated the list of best places to catch some z’s, the list of worst cities is overwhelmingly drawn from the south and northeast. Rates of tobacco and alcohol use and obesity are also higher in these states, indicating a connection between these health risks and sleep. Want to know if your city came in near the end? Here are the twenty worst cities for sleep:

20 Worst Cities for Sleep

500. Gary, IN
499. Detroit, MI
498. Camden, NJ
497. Honolulu, HI
496. Newark, NJ
495. Birmingham, AL
494. Albany, GA
493. Mount Vernon, NY
492. Macon, GA
491. Youngstown, OH
490. Lauderhill, FL
489. Brockton, MA
488. Paterson, NJ
487. Dayton, OH
486. Cleveland, OH
485. Trenton, NJ
484. Savannah, GA
483. New Bedford, MA
482. Baltimore, MD
481. Hampton, VA

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