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If you haven’t heard of Casper mattresses yet, that’s soon likely about to change, because Casper is disrupting the mattress industry in a number of surprising ways. Casper mattresses are mail-order, eliminating the need to try out dirty mattresses in a store under the pressure of pushy salesmen. Casper doesn’t re-label the same mattress with different models, so customers know exactly what they’re buying. Best of all, Casper mattresses are hand-built in the United States entirely out of foam, meaning there are no uncomfortable springs. For all of those reasons, Casper mattresses are appearing in more and more bedrooms throughout the world. Now, a new announcement by American Airlines shows that Casper isn’t going to be limited to the bedroom alone.

At the 2017 Media and Investor Day seminar in Fort Worth Texas, American Airlines announced that their passengers will now have access several different sleep products engineered by Casper. For now, these products will include a mattress pad designed to fit over airline seats, pillows and pillow cases, lumbar cushions, duvets and blankets, and even pajamas and slippers. For now, the Casper products will be available to passengers in First class, Business class and Premium Economy, but regular Economy offerings are expected to come later.

Kurt Stache, American Airlines senior vice president for Marketing, Loyalty & Sales, says these Casper products will raise the bar for in-flight sleep offerings in the same way Casper mattresses have raised the bar for consumer mattresses:

Customers and crew members who tried Casper on our flights said they loved it. Casper has set a new standard for premium sleep products and our new line showcases their attention to detail and design, and their commitment to providing the best rest possible for American Airlines customers.

Long flights are never fun, but this new partnership shows American Airlines could be onto something. Casper, no doubt, will love the exposure they get through the deal as well.

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