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Casper Sleep has been disrupting the mattress industry since day one. Casper has revolutionized the way shoppers buy mattresses and become one of the go-to names in online mattress sales. While Casper mattresses are highly rated for their comfort and durability, they’re not the cheapest mattress on the market since Casper manufactures their mattresses here in the U.S. However, a new, more affordable product line by Casper has some budget mattress makers worried as Casper begins eyeing a new budget-conscious market.

The new Casper Essential mattresses begin at $350 for Twin mattresses and $600 for Queen mattresses; Casper’s Standard Twin, meanwhile, costs $550 and the standard Queen $950. The Essential mattresses were designed in-house by Casper Labs and differ only slightly in their construction. Casper’s Standard mattresses feature four separate memory foam layers, while the Essential mattresses feature three. Casper Standard mattresses are slightly taller and also feature a removable cover, something the Essential mattresses do not. Still, given that most people use fitted top sheets, the omission of the cover shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Perhaps to assure consumers’ fears that Casper might be watering down their quality in order to reach a different consumer, Casper co-founder and chief product officer Jeff Chapin told Forbes that these new less-expensive Casper mattresses offer the same level of quality as their original mattress lines:

We’re proud of our original Casper mattress—it’s become wildly popular—but understand that it tops many consumers’ budgets. So, we analyzed our millions of data points and utilized three years of research to create a streamlined, simpler version for a value-conscious customer.

Casper’s move into the value mattress market could be a wise strategy ahead of their rumored upcoming IPO. By expanding their customer base through diversifying their product line, Casper could position themselves as one of the biggest names in sleep products across the budget board.

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