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At what point can we say that our obsession with technology has gone too far? It’s already odd to see someone without a mobile device in public, and now all sorts of digital gizmos are beginning to invade our bedrooms. High tech sleep devices of all sorts are flooding the sleep products market, from smart mattresses which can automatically track your sleep data, to headbands which emit sleep-inducing sound waves, to creepy robot pillows which ‘breathe’ you to sleep, there’s a gadget for every tech-obsessed sleeper. Now, audio equipment Bose has put their name in the ring with the release of their “SleepBuds” earbuds which they claim can help you fall and stay asleep.  

The Bose SleepBuds look similar to other wireless earbuds on the market with a low-profile white shell and silicone tips. Each earplug only takes up the space of about half of a penny. Unlike Bose’s larger over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones, these don’t actually cancel noises. Instead, the Sleepbuds play a selection of various soundscapes and colored noises designed to block out unwanted ambient noises and keep users asleep even in noisy environments.

Bose recently demonstrated the earbuds for TechCrunch reviewers, whose first impression was that they’re “surprisingly comfortable and are tough to knock loose.” However, reviewers also noted that the Sleepbuds never quite blocked out external sounds altogether, but did help them sleep in the simulated noisy environment.

Internal batteries on the earbuds last around 16 hours, and the case comes with a built-in charger. All sounds are pre-loaded onto internal storage, but there is the option for users to add their own sounds. The Bose Sleepbuds will currently set you back $249 USD.

Personally, I can’t sleep without white noise, and also sleep with foam earplugs from time to time when in noisy environments like music festivals or my own house full of teething toddlers. Could these Sleepbuds a perfect blend of the two?

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